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The Nation's Finest Recognition Presentations from Badge Frame Inc.

Outstanding personalized recognition presentations.
 Once we have your badge and patch on file, we can create any of the items shown below.  Ranks and numbers can be changed as needed.  Pricing for these items average about $125 and include all graphics.  Options (framed or plaqued) are at the bottom of this page.
We also have laser engraved Acrylic Awards.  These can also include
customized, personalized, recipient information as well as the badge
or emblem graphics.   Whatever the presentation type, these are a great morale booster and will make any recipient proud that they are associated with your organization. 

Call if any questions!  (800) 639-3726.


Explorers Section


Trophies & Awards Section

Sheriff's Section


Chief's Section    Veterans Affairs Section

REYES / SoCalGas

Chief's Section

Chief's Section      Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Chino PD Section    Of The Year Section

  Of The Year Section

Of The Year Section


santa-clara-county-recognition.jpg       grants-pass-ownbey-recognition.jpg

Chief's Commendation from San Pablo PD
 Chief's Section

Chief's Section     Badge Reproduction Section

Walnut Recognition Plaque for San Francisco PD

akko-sumner-county.jpg      delgado-lapd-recognition.jpg
Sheriff Section    K-9 Section   LAPD Section

Academy Section

Single Badge Section

Collage Section   Archive Section

Chief's Section

Correction Section

jimenez-sli.jpg      fernandez-federal-protection.jpg
SLI Section                                                                                                             

ranger-k9-watsonville.jpg     franks-chino-2.jpg
K-9 Section                                                                 Chino PD Section      SWAT Section


Medals Section


West Covina Section

reed-ontario.jpg      argomaniz-ontario.jpg
Ontario PD Section

   Sheriff's Section     

      Motors Section

Pecan glossy frame with gold accent
LAWA Section

Correctional Section

                      Walnut Plaque                                                        Framed Plaque / Glossy Mahogany w/Silver
owens-vet-affairs-recognition.jpg     dilworth-nantucket.jpg

Chief's Section   Awards & Trophies

Fire Section
k-9-eddie-colton.jpg       u-s-border-patrol-plaque.jpg
K-9 Section                                                                                            Border Patrol Section


rodriquez-recognition-pomona.jpg     k-9-kody.jpg
Pomona Section                                                              K-9 Section     E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Fire Section   Promotion Section

District Attorney's Section

mccloud-us-marshal.jpg       gember-veterans-affairs.jpg
  U.S. Marshal's Section                                                                            Veterans Affairs Section

   Corrections Section

Angotti / 18X22 / Actual Patches
Angotti LA County District Attorney - SWAT.jpg
SRT/SWAT Section    District Attorney Section

  Federal Reserve Section

  K-9 Section    Sheriff's Section

camacho-2.jpg      k-9-jara.jpg
                                                                                                  K-9 Section

ABC Section

ABC Section

I wanted to say how appreciative we are of the plaque that you guys did for K9 Lemon and Officer Madsen.
 His family loved it and will be displaying it in their home with pride and a few tears.  Unfortunately Lemon's
health did not last long and he was put down on the Friday after Thanksgiving so that he was no longer
in pain.  Working with you was a pleasure. and I hope to be pushing some more business to you in the future
with a K9 board and employee of the quarter plaques. Thank you and your team again for all of the great work!
Jeff Cobb / Pasco WA Police Department
k-9-lemon - Pasco-pd.jpg
K-9 Section     E.O.W. Section

Shelley, We just received it and it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!!
 Thank you and everyone  at Badge Frame for this beautiful plaque!!!!
Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us here at the Bath VA Police Department!!!

Veterans Affairs Section

Of The Year Section              San Pablo PD Section

     k-9-cain-cottleville-fire.jpg       K-9-cane-logan-county-sheriff.jpg
         Fire Section        E.O.W. Section    Recognition Section     K-9 Section

SWAT Section

  padilla-lapd2.jpg      mercado-pasadena-pd.jpg
  LAPD Section                       ;                                                                               

LAPD Section


$120 plus pack and ship.

"Other Stuff" Section

LA Habra PD Section

K-9 Section       Sheriff's Section

K-9 Section

K-9 Section

Good Afternoon Shelley---
Thank you very much for doing such a great job on our K9 golf tournament plaques.  As usual, they were a huge hit and everybody
loved them.  I apologize for the late notice on these, but truly appreciate you moving things around to insure they got done in
time for our event. Please share our gratitude with Bill and your staff.  You guys are amazing!!!   Pat


K-9 Recon        Durham County Sheriff K-9 J.R.
           K-9 Section                                                                            E.O.W. / Fallen Page

K-9 Max / Sublette County Sheriff's
Sheriff's Section       K-9 Section

     K-9 Section

Fire Section

Fire Section

clark-us-marshals.jpg            farnes-laguna-beach.jpg
    U.S. Marshalls Section


Corrections Section

DeMatteo / Howell Township

  Army Section


       Jim Tigner Recognition
K-9 Section                                           & nbsp;                             Motors Section   LaHabra Section

K-9 Section

  Palm Springs PD Recognition    
Palm Springs PD Section                                                   ;                                                           

9" dimensional satin finish badge with graphic background framed
in glossy walnut with gold accent. 15X20 - 12/2018
Single Badge Section         Oversize Badge & Patch Section

BHPD Awards 

Pleasant Hill K-9s
K-9 Section



West Covina PD Section

US Navy Recognition
K-9 Section           Navy Section      This is Your Badge Section

Riverside County Sheriff
Sheriff Section

 LAPD Section

LAPD Family Support Group
LAPD Section

Hermosillo / SBCSO
      Sheriff's Section

KISSELL / CORONA                                     ;                                                           
Actual coins, pin and ribbon on printed background                                                                                            
Kissell - DEA       National Police Week
Printed Backgrounds        Ontario PD     Sheriff      Corona PD         DEA         DOJ


New Castle County - K-9 Diesel
    K-9 Section

K-9 Arco 
K-9 Section

   RIALTO FIRE / EMS CLASS #6                                                      QUEEN / NASA              
Rialto Fire    Queen - NASA
Fire Section                                                                            E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Car / San Diego County Sheriff K-9    Dexter / Osceola County Sheriff K-9
K-9 Section     Sheriff's Section

CHP Recognition
CHP Section

Hi, Shelley!  I just received the K9 plaque. WOW! Outstanding work! Thank you so much for putting that together for us.
Exactly what we were hoping for. You guys are awesome! Thanks again! Martina / Administrative Associate
Round Rock K-9
K-9 Section

Doby - Vernon PD K-9
K-9 Section
              HALKETT / CVF                                                                                               
 Halkett - Chino Valley Fire       VAPD - K-9 Berm
         Fire Section                                                                                        K-9 Section          

Black 13X10.5 Customized Recognition / Sanford PD
K-9 Sanford PD
K-9 Section

LEO / El Segundo PD
K-9 Leo / El Segundo PD 
K-9 Section

  Larkin - Chino PD
  Chino PD Section

  Walker - Inland Regional SWAT
SWAT Section          

South Gate PD
South Gate PD Section

Vernon PD - DARE Essay

Misc. samplings of recognition plaques...
California City PD Recognition Arkansas State Police - K-9 Recognition from Badge Frame  CDCR Recognition Plaque

      CVF - Maltese Cross Retirement Plaque from Badge Frame
  Fire Section

Riggs-k9-tustin-pd     Do / La Habra Police Department retirement
K9 Section                                                                                                    Motors Section

Disneyland Marathon Recognition    

PACT - Munoz Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame

Arkansas State Police - K-9 Recognition from Badge Frame
K-9 Section

  Rowland - CDCR & Cal FIRE
 Corrections Section   Fire Section

Girard - SBCSO    CHP Recognition from Badge Frame
 Sheriff's Section
Dermody - Seattle PD Recognition from Badge Frame    Ellin - Beverley Hills PD Explorer presentation from Badge Frame

Beverly Hills PD Recognition Plaque for Rotary from Badge Frame    Pasadena PD and LASD Joint Task Force from Badge Frame
                                ;                                                                 Sherriff's Section

Union pacific Railroad Recognition from Badge Frame
Union Pacific Section

Pica / Sun 
     Single Badge Section

P.A.C.T. Recognition from Badger Frame


San Pablo
          PD - Chief Schuld Presentation from Badge Frame  Inland Regional SWAT Commanders Grooup -

SBSO Gangs
          Unit Recognition from Badge Frame
Sheriff's Section

    Betley - Chino Valley Fire Presentation from Badge Frame       LAWA - Recognition/Retirement plaque
          for Portillo from Badge Frame
Fire Section                                                              LAWA Section

          Leandro PD - Chief Recognition Plaque with dimensional badge
          from Badge Frame      Bronson - Veteran's Affairs PD
          Recognition Presentation from Badge Frame.
                                                 Chief Section                                                                                  Veterans Affairs Section

          & Dougan - P.A.C.T. Recognition Plaques from Badge Frame

CHP 2017
          Awards from Badge Frame

  McDowell -
          Union Pacific Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
CHP Section                                                                                                         Railroad Section

Palmer - Bensalem PD Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame    Donnor - Missouri Pacific and Union
          Pacific Railroad Recognition Plaque from Badge frame
                                                                                                              Railroad Section

          Bernardino County Sheriff Recognition for Wilson from Badge
          Frame        LAWA Retirement Presentation
          from Badge Frame for Maltez
                                      Sheriff Section                                                       ;                    Recognition Section      LAWA Section

LAWA Retirement
          Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame for Cabrera      Fire Department
          Retirement Recognition from Badge Frame for Chino Valley Fire

South Gate PD
          presentation from Badge Frame for Tony Pacheco       Chino Swat
          Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame for Needles
            South Gate Section                                                                               Chino PD Section         SWAT Section           
Police Recognition Plaque
          for Seattle PD from Badge Frame

Rcognition Plaques from Badge Frame        Fire Recognition plaques from
          Badge Frame for Carlsbad Fire Department
Sheriff's Section                                                                  Recognition Section       Fire Section

          Recognition by Badge Frame for Carrino - Chino PD   Police Recognition Plaque from Badge
          Frame for Curt Burton - Chino PD
SET/SWAT Section          Chino PD Section

Albo - LA County
          DA - SRT presentation from Badge Frame 
DA Section      SRT Section

Marumoto / 15X12 framed in black leather with gold fillet accent.

Chino Vally Fire
          Recognition from Badge Frame

Chino Valley Fire       Chino Valley Fire
          Recognition Plaques framed from Badge Frame
Fire Section

Thor - K9 Presentation
          10.5X13 black recognition plaque from Badge Frame
K9 Section

Kizer - Pickney PD K-9
      K-9 Section
  Alabama Bureau of Investigation -
          Recognition plaque from Badge Frame    US Customs Recognition Plaque
          from Badge Frame
                            ;                                                         US Customs Section

Watsonville PD - Ellex K-9
          Presentation from Badge Frame    Thomas - Fort Plain PD
          Recognition Presentation from Badge Frame
K-9 Section                                                                     Chief's Section

Missoula PD K-9 Presentations
          from Badge Frame
K-9 Section

Pink Patch Project - South Gate PD  Redwood City PD - Recognition
          Plaque from Badge Frame
Pink Patch Section                                                                                                                

El Segundo K-9 Presentations from Badge Frame
El Segundo PD K-9
          presebtations from Badge Frame 11/2016
K-9 Section

Soputh Gate PD Recognition    Vernon PD
          Lifesaving Presentation from Badge Frame

Lanthier - CVFD Recognition
          Plaque from Badge Frame    Sold Wood Fire Badge -
          Recognition plaque from Badge Frame
Fire Section

California River Tribes PD Chief Presentation from
              Badge Frame

Lombardi - Glendora PD - Employee of the Month
              presentation from Badge Frame  

Flag Section
Indianapolis Airport
          Authority Police Department - K-9 Perpetual Plaque from Badge
K-9 Section                  Perpetual Plaques Section

K-9 from Badge
          Frame, Recognition Plaques from Badge Frame
K-9 Section

Recognition Plaque for Barron Lane,
          Palm Springs PD from Badge Frame    recognition plaques,
                    badge frame, police
  Palm Springs PD Section                       Other Section    Police Section        

recognition plaque, badge frame  recognition plaque,
              badge frame, chung  SWAT, recognition plaque, badgeframe
SWAT Section 

Travis Payne, 2nd place Mavericks
          2016, San Francisco Fire Department   davis, vapd, badge frame, recognition
                  Fire Section                                                                           Veterans Affairs PD Section                            

  San Bernadino County Sheriff Recognition Presentation For
          Bingaman From Badgeframe
                                                                                        Explorer Section   Sheriff Section
Rachel McIntire - DeKalb County
          State's Attorney's Office - Recognition Plaque from Badge
          Frame       Larry Bell -
          Glendora PD Jailor Presentation from Badge Frame
Single Badge Section

El Cerrito
          PD 10.5 X 13 Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame   

  Johnsen - Fontana Unified
          Motors PD - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame      Forman & K9
          Ronin - West Covina PD - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame
                                                     Motors Section   University PD Section                                            K-9 Section                                                                           

Sutton - Chino PD - SET
          Recognition from Badge Frame    Chief Engal - DVAPD - Framed Recognition Plaque from
          Badge Frame
                        Chino PD Section                                                              VAPD Section

30" X 20" presentation for Glendora PD                                nbsp;                                                                         
Bullard - Glendora PD - First
          Female Officer Presentation from Badge Frame 

The Harrison Ford Plaque was a huge success!
Harrison was so impressed and appreciative…He said the plaque was awesome!

Fire Section

Lee Hall - Fairfax Fire
          - Employee of ther Year Walnut Plaque     Morin - Department of Veterans Affairs PD
Fire Section                                                                                DVAPD Section 

     Featherstone - City of Los
Recognition Section     Photo Collage Section                                                                 Railroad Section   

                 CHP / State Trooper Section                                                           K-9 Section

Palm Springs PD Section    Badge Ranks Section     Palm Springs Section

                       ;                                                                Fallen / E.O.W. Section


                                   Orange PD Section                                                         K-9 Section                                  

Plaqued Recognition                                                                              
Sheriff Section

Plaqued Recognition
                                                    State Police Section                                                             SWAT Section                                                 

Fire Section                                   Single Badge Section

Plaqued Recognition

Palm Springs PD Section         Badge Ranks Section

                                         ;                                                             CHP Section here

                                                                                ;                     Chino PD Section


Los Angeles World Airport Police Section here
Promotion Section here

Congrats Bill Beattie / ATCO Raceway
Photoshopped background and receipt of "The Perfect Race"  2 background options shown.
10X13 Black Plaque Versions

                               ;                                                Trophies & Acrylic Awards Section



NEW NEW !!!   Custom graphics on solid wood shaped badges.  12" tall  - 1" thick.


DOJ Section here                                                      Sheriff Section          


K-9 Section here SWAT Section here

K-9 Section here                       ;                               & nbsp;                              

                                                                 E.O.W. / Fallen Section here


Colton PD - DAX - K9
K-9 Section here

Outstanding recognition presentation featuring 10 - 5X7 current recipient frames
surrounded by a outer larger profile frame.  Background is laminated and washable.




  Riverside Co. Sheriff Recognition


Acrylic Wedge / Blue Accent Color / Laser Engraved  4-2014

Recognition Plaque Proofs for the California Police Chief's Association for retiring Chief Sylvia Moir


Santa Ana PD
                  Recognition Plaques


Acrylic Award Section here                                   Sheriff Section here                               Perpetual Plaque Section here   

  Castelli -
              Huntington Park SERT
San Diego PD Section here                               S.W.A.T. Section here

Sheriff's Section here

click on images to enlarge...

Click on images to enlarge... De La Cruz - with dimensional badge.

Cool idea for the Police Mounted Units... Gold (painted) horseshoe with nails
Can be used with walnut or black plaque styles. 
click to enlarge
  click to enlarge
Registered Nurse   
click to enlarge
              Valley Fire Dept. Recognition plaque 
click to enlarge...
    Vellejo - Chino PD   

larger image here

CHP Chief Calvin Aubrey Recognition / click to enlarge
CHP - Aubrey Rcognition Plaque  Vellejo - Chino PD

  Disney Marathon 2013 

click to enlarge
Monterey Park p Recognition

Judge Recognition
larger image here

POST Class #52
POST - Command College Class #52 Certification  3/2013

click to enlarge...
Vernon PD Recognition
San Antonio
                Community Hospital Security

Vernon PD - Life Saving
larger image here...

Salcedo - LAPD  Long Beach Axuilary
                Police Department - Mid Island Collision    Mike Gancasz - San Pablo PD

Holly Hill PD
larger image here

Chevron Seal
larger image here

larger image here

Explorer Recognition Plaques
Larger Image Here      See our Explorer Section Here       Orange PD      Pomona PD

              Recognition plauqe
Larger image here

Chino PD - Bjelland Recognition
larger image here

Colton Recignition - Explorers
Larger Image Here

Vallejo - Chino PD
larger image here

Gordon - CHP
larger image here       Recognition Section Here      State Trooper Section Here      Oversize Badge and Patch Section here

Chavez - Buena
                Park PD
larger image here

Long Beach NY PD
larger image here


AMET - Arcadia PD
larger image here

click to enlarge...
                  Recognition Plaque

click to enlarge...
Orange PD -
                  Recognition Plaques

click to enlarge

   Albany PD - Darla Majors  Big Bear Elementary - 

larger image here

La Habra PD Recognition Certs
larger image here

See larger image here 

RUN FOR THE WALL / 2012 / click to enlarge
Run for the wall 2012 
Finished product...click to enlarge...
Run For The Wall -
                  Recognition Plaque

                - Rcognition...


click to enlarge...
  Winston - LAPD

Palo Alto
9" X 12" Recognition plaque with raised glossy dimensional badge. 3/2012        See larger image here.

Glendora PD - Recognition Certs

Upland PD - 2011 Recognition Plaques

Glendora PD - Recognition Plaques
9" X 12" Customized Framed Recognition Plaques

Combs - PSPD
9" X 12"  framed in black leather with silver fillet on frame

Colton SWAT Recognition Plaque
10.5" X 13" plaque with a walnut edge. $120.

See our El CERRITO PD section here     Pieces shown are 9" X 12 framed in mahogany frame with gold accent.

Claremont PD - Recognition plaques


U.S. Marshal - NYC
WOW.  8" dimensional glossy badge with engraved info plaque. Frame din charcoal wood with silver accent.

$90 Framed in charcoal wood with gold accent.

Chino PD - Recognition Plqaues
see our CHINO PD section here....

Click to Enlarge...

San Anselmo Traffic Unit Citation
See our SAN ANSELMO PD section here

EPA - McCabe
See our EPA section here

Riverside PD - K9

Riverside County Sheriff - Dominic Dominguez -

Recognition Presentations

Colonel Breslow - JROTC
click here for larger image


South Gate PD - Walnut Backboard - Recognition
see larger image here...               See our SOUTH GATE PD section here...

Click on images to enlarge...
   El Monte
                PD - AJ 

Carlos Skibar - Chino Valley Fire
see larger image here...

9" X 12" K-9 Recognition Presentations.  Outstanding.
Burlinggame PD - K9
see larger image here

Chino Police Department & Chino Valley Fire Department
Recognition Presentations for Pastor Jack Hibbs and General Boykin. 
Chino Police Department &
        Chino Valley Fire
Charcoal Framed Version
"The plaques were outstanding.
The Fire guys were impressed and will be doing more business with you. Thanks for the great job on short notice".
Miles Pruitt / Chino PD Chief.

See larger graphics here...

Other graphics for the above project - Click to enlarge...


Elders - Riverside County Sheriff

10" X 13" and 9" X 12" presentations pictured below.
LASD Recognition Plaques

9X12 Custom plaque with personalized badge and corrections tan & green background.
CA Dept. Of


Recognition Plauqes for Florham Park PD
Recognition Plaques for Florham Park PD
see larger image here

See larger image here

see larger image here

See larger image here

Pricing as shown $145. 
Silver engraved plaque upgrade / Silver fillet on frame upgrade.
See our PALM SPRINGS PD section here

Some of our different designs are shown below (un-framed).    Click on images to enlarge.


This classic edging has now been replaced with a new walnut edging see sample

Some of our different designs are shown below (un-framed).    Click on images to enlarge.

Click to enlarge...

          Certificate Sample LASD Certificate Sample -Badge Frame

Pikeville College

Gonzales - El Monte PD
See our EM MONTE PD section here...

Pomona PD -


        PD - Recognition Plaque

        County Sheriff
9X12 I.D.  11X14 O.D.

Union City PD

Irvine PD

Monterey Park PD -
Monterey Park Recognition Plaques / Personalize

Downey PD
See our DOWNEY PD section here

Indio PD -
Samples for Indio PD  5/2010   9X12  (framed 11X14)  Badge number and rank personalized to recipient.


Palm Springs - Books
              vs. Badges
see larger image here

Glendora PD -
              Explorers Post 402

See larger image here

Irvine PD -
              Recognition Presentations


Rialto PD & FD
              Recognition Plaque


Chief Quach - Long
              Beach PD

Mercy Air 4 -

Orange PD -
              Recognition Plauqes
See larger detailed image here...
The above presentations are 11" X 14" O.D.  Personalized to the recipient with appropriate rank,
badge number and info plate.  These are framed in a charcoal with silver accent wood.

Welch-Youth Activities
see larger image here

Lissitz - El Monte
see larger image here

Pistol club

see larger image here

Upland PD -
              Recognition Plaques
see larger image here

Palm Springs Recognition
            Plaque Framed

South Gate PD -
            Recognition Plaques


Ontario PD - CRT
see larger image here...

see larger image here...

see larger image here

El Monte Plaque

Riverside County


see larger image here


Quote from the Stayton piece below...
"Bill, I received the plaque today.  It looks GREAT!  That is exactly what I was looking for.
 Some of the other Department heads saw it and loved it too.  They may be calling for a few more projects in the near future.
Thanks, Rich Sebens, Acting Chief of Police / Stayton Police Department /Stayton OR."

Upland PD / Employee of the Quarter Award
see larger image here...

Upland PD

Federal Protective Service

EPA - OCEFT - Nakayama
see larger image here...

              Park PD - Hernandez
see larger version here

Monterey Park PD
see larger version here

Roberts - Hacienda La Puente School Police
see larger version here

Prices include all needed graphics work and personalization of badges and nameplates.
These prices are for the standard 9X12 inside dimensions. Prices will vary according to size.


These are framed with an acrylic front, include hangers, wire, etc.  Ready to hang product.
Click on descriptions to view photos...

Glossy Mahogany (no accent)     Glossy Mahogany (gold accent)     Glossy mahogany (silver accent)
Satin Mahogany (gold accent)      Charcoal (gold accent)        Charcoal (silver accent)

Black Leather (gold accent)      Black Leather (silver accent)

These plaques have a laminated non-glare, washable. U.V. resistant front and a beveled edge.
Walnut Plaqued       Black Plaqued

Add accent fillet to frame (silver or gold) Only needed on frames that don't already have an accent.  (see example) ---$20
Add Gold Laser Engraved Plaque instead of computer plaque (see example) --- $35
Add dimensional, glossy/resined badge (see example) -- Pricing depends on badge size.

See more of our framing projects at our Baxter's Frame Works Section

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