San Pablo PD  Projects

Special Thanks!!! Tracey Thebodeau

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K-9 Section


Medals Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section

SAN PABLO MAGNETIC ORG CHART  (click to enlarge)
"Thanks Bill!  It does look amazing, but we expect nothing less than that from you folks!  Have a great day!!!"
 san-pablo-org-chart.jpg   san-pablo-org-chart-2.jpg
Org Chart Section           C-Channel Section

Of the Year Section         Oversize Badge/Patch Section

E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Magnetic Section

Of The Year Section        Recognition Section

Perpetual Plaque Section   K-9 Section

Raman / San Pablo      sppd-pink-patch.jpg
          Chief Section                                                                                Pink Patch Section                                               
San Pablo PD  K-9 Perpetual Plaque
Perpetual Plaque Section    K-9 Section

San Pablo PD Org Chart
Org Chart Section   San Pablo PD Section

San Pablo PD Coin Reproductions from Badge Frame

San Pablo PD - Signed Flag
          Presentation from Badge Frame 12-2016

  Flag Section                        E.O.W. Section

Ken Zink - San Pablo PD
EOW / Fallen Section

San Pablo PD - Ken Zink Award
          Prepetual Plaque from Badge Frame 11/2016
              Perpetual Plaque Section         

Zink - San Pablo PD - EOW
          Presentation from Badge Frame 10/2016
Fallen / EOW Section   Flag Presentation Section

San Pablo PD Poster

Mike Gancasz - San Pablo PD  

San Pablo PD.  Sergeants and above = 5" X 1".  Officers 5" X 5/8".
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Larger Image Here              Custom Signs Section Here

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larger image here        Archive Section here

larger image here    E.O.W. Section here
The presentations below were made possible by Chief W. Schuld who will be retiring in June of 2014.
He wanted to assemble and procure the PD's history before it was lost forever. Click to enlarge.

San Pablo Section here     Boundary Views        Collages      Perpetual Plaques      Oversize Badges

Bays - SPPD
larger image here

San Peblo PD - Youth and Connunity
larger image here

larger image here     Uniform Section here

San Pablo PD - K9 Collage
larger image here       K9 Section here

San Pablo PD - Archive Collages
San Pablo - Archive Photo Collages
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San Pablo PD - Patrol Vehicles
larger image here

larger image here
Photoshopped San Pablo PD collage of older community event photos. Scanned, touched-up and re-printed.

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larger image here...

San Pablo PD - Tools of the Trade

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