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Past Projects

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San Bernardino County Sheriff Recognition for Wilson from Badge Frame      E.O.W. Riverside County Sheriff presentation from Badge Frame
Recognition Section                           E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Sheriff Shacowbox from Badge Frame for San Diego County Sheriff Davis

  Baker 2 Vegas Police Presentation from Badge Frame for Elwell - Riverside County Sheriff's Office
Baker 2 Vegas Section             

   Sheriff Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame for Freund - Riverside County Sheriff
Printed Backboard Section  

Blue Wave Acrylic Award from Badge Frame
Acrylic Awards Section

SLI Presentation from Badge Frame
SLI Section

LASD-  Youth Activities League presentation from Badge frame
Sheriff's Section      Patch Collections Section

San Bernardino Sheriff Oversize 47" Backlighted Badge from Badge Frame
Oversize Badge Section

Rcognition Plaques from Badge Frame
  Recognition Section

 LASD Academy - Gonzalez Presentation from Badge Frame
  Academy Section      Printed Backboard Section     Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Horton - Riverside County Sheriff Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Flag Presentation Section        Printed Background Section

Davis - Riverside County Sheriff's Department - Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame

Lake County Sheriff - Accomondation Ribbon Board from Badge Frame
Ribbon Board Section    Medals Section

Hollingsworth - Riverside County Sheriff presentation from Badge Frame   Lake County Sheriff Perpetrual Plaque from Badge Frame
                                                                                                                 Perpetual Plaque Section

Wall lettering from Badge Frame 12/2016
Wall Lettering Section

  Orange County Sheriff's Academy - Class 19 presentation from Badge Frame
Academy Section

Pepper - K9 Search Dog Presentation from Badge Frame
K-9 Section

Bott - Palm Beacj County Sheriff presentation from Badge Frame  Wilhite - Riverside County Sheriff's  Retirement Presetation from Badge Frame
                  Archive Section                                                            Printed Backboard Section

White - Fairfax County Sheriff - Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame    Davis County Sheriff Badge from Badge Frame for CCI 10/2016
                                                                                                       Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Patch collections with Badge Frame, Sheriff and Dispatch Collection    LASD Academy - 25R Presentation from Badge Frame 9-2016 - Artwork by Scott Boyett
                              Patch Collection Section     Dispatch Section                                                   Academy Section                                          
Past Sherriff Projects from badge frame, Fallen soliders from badge frame  Deskplate for Campos, Badge Frame Desk Plates
Fallen Section

  Palm Beach County Sheriff  Orange County Sheriff's Academy Class CSA18 presentation from Badge Frame
                                                                                             Academy Section

sheriff, swat, podium, badge frame  badge frame, ocsa, sheriff,
   SWAT Section                                                                          Academy Section
San Bernadino County Sheriff
          Recognition Presentation For Bingaman From Badgeframe  fowler, lasd, badge frame, swat, sheriff
  Explorer Section   Recognition Section                                                            SWAT Section                                               

              academy sheriff, osca, academy, badge frame sheriff, academy, ocsa, badge
Academy Section

San Bernardino County Sheriff's E.O.W. / Fallen layout / Background Options...
Printed Backgrounds with actual badges. 4/2016
San Bernardino County Sheriff /
          MacKay / E.O.W. presentation from Badge Frame - graphic
          background options
Sheriff's Section                           E.O.W. Section                    Printed Background Section

Sanchez - Dona Ana Co. Sheriff - Retirement
              presentation from Badge Frame   Byron Woods / LASD
                  Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame 4/2016

Orange County Sheriff's Academy Class #219  4/2016
Oranga County Sheriff's Academy
          Class #219 presentation forn Badge Frame
  Academy Section

Below... Combination of actual and graphic items. 2/2016

  Printed Backboard Section      Correctional Section

Jack Benson Plaque for Badge
          Frame Shadowbox
Plaque Options Section

Myren / Morrow Count Sheriff presentation from Badge
              Frame  Larry Wilson - Los Angels County
              Sheriff - Career Showcase Shadowbox from Badge Frame

San Bernardino County Sheriff K-9 JoJo E.O.W. 1/6/16    -    Handler Detective Brad Phillips. 
  K-9 JoJo - San Bernardino County Sheriff
                      K-9 Section

  Mayman - Riverside County Sheriff
Printed Background Section   Open Faced Section                                                                                                       



Plaque Options Section                                                                                      


Sheriff's Section

Single Badge Display Section                                                   SWAT Section         

Medals Section      Sheriff's Section

                                                                                 San Diego County Sheriff's Section

  Badge Collection Section

Recognition Section


Academy Section

Signs Section           Photo Mount Section

E.O.W. / Fallen Section           Single Badge Display Section


  Oversized Badge & Patch Section here

E.O.W. / Fallen  Section      Uniform Section

  Oversize Badges & Patches here

Open Face Presentations here

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San Diego Sheriff's Fallen / All pieces 12"X18" / Click to enlarge...

E.O.W. / Fallen Section here

Acrylic Awards Section here   Chief's Section here             

click to enlarge...
San Diego Co. Sheriff Museum Section here...            Perpetual Plaque Section here...

Emblems & Seals              Podium Section



        EOW / FALLEN Section                                                                                                              

Recognition Section here


Dry Erase Section         Magnetic Section

Oversized Badge & Patch here


Recognition Section

Butte County 24" Badge for Kory Honea
Patch made for Creative Culture Insignia.
CCI - Facebook     CCI Web site (under construction)


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Riverside Co. Sheriff Recognition    

                       Flag box Section here                                          40" Seal / Emblem & Seals Section here

Oversized Badge & Patch Section here



"Sir, overwhelming success and compliments on your products and services!!!  Thank you very much." 2/2014 

Just wanted to let you know I got the box yesterday… I gave them to my people and they were blown away…
 I just wanted to thank you for your attention to detail and the superior product that you produce.
 A couple of the other guys were asking how to get their own.
   Thank you !!!!
  Make my day, show them on your website as a sample !!!!  Bruce / WCSO

Recognition Section here 


Riverside Co. Sheriff
                Perputal Plaque
larger image here               Perpetual Plaque Section here

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Riverside County Sheriff Academy 10/2013                                                 
  Russell - Gallia County Sheriff

Oversize Badge and Patch Section here

Hood River County Sheriff's Office / Double sided hall sign proofs... click to enlarge


San Diego County
        Sheriff's Museum
Larger Image Here

Larger Image Here

San Diego
Larger Image Here

click to enlarge
   Eimen  Eimen  
See our Oversized Patches and Badges Here

The chart below for Pacific County Sheriff (Scott Johnson) is unique in that we are printing the slide in names and positions for him.
This allows the labels to be printed on high quality photo paper with incorporating the chrome and gold lettering, shadowing etc.
The set-up below shows the positions at 1" X 4" and the personnel names at 3/4" X 4".  The positions will be gold and black
while the personnel will be chrome and black.  Scott ordered his own Magnatag Holders and will use our inserts.
Pacific Co. Sheriff - Org Chart
see larger image here

Layout showing design with nameplates and positions.

See ACTUAL SIZE cross-section image here

larger image here

Kevin La Payrne - OCSD - K-9
Larger Image Here     Open Faced Section Here      K-9 Section Here

San Luis Obispo Sheriff / Badge-Patch Combo   3/2013
          Juis Obispo Sheriff Badge Patch Combo

OCSA - Class 203
larger image here

Hoops - San Bernardina County
larger image here

larger image here

Miller - SBCSO

Lytle - Alameda County Sheriff
larger image here

Garcia - Valencia County Sheriff
larger image here

Outstanding presentation of 9 memorial coins and center piece with actual OCSD badge and poem.
Actual photo of grouping on wall to come.  Each coin is framed with a comlete incident story.  5/2012.
OCSD Memorial Coin Set Presentation
larger image here

An oversize version of the above actual badge with poem on front band.  To hang as an accessory to the set.
OCSD Memorial Badge
Larger image here         See our "Oversize Emblems Patches and Badges" section here

LASD Explorer Emblem
larger image here          See our "Oversize Emblems Patches and Badges" section here

Espinoza - LASD
larger image here

Guerin - San Diego Sheriff
larger image here

LASD Academy

Riverside County Sheriff - ALM
  larger image here

Glen Looney - Industry YAL

McNutt - LASD

Flores - LASD
See larger image here

Tingle - Riverside County Sheriff



DiEdurado - Cape May NJ - Sheriff's Dept.
see larger image here

LASD Weapons Training Unit

See larger image here

10" X 13" and 9" X 12" presentations pictured below. $120 & $110 ea. 
LASD Recognition Plaques

Beard - Fredrick Co. Sheriff

Riverside County Sheriff - Explorer Dominic Dominguez

Proof graphic 20" X 50" for EOW wall in San Luis Obispo, CA.  3/2011

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LASD Certificate Sample   LASD Certificate Sample -Badge Frame

Here's a new item at Badge Frame.  We now have the ability to produce high quality photos and graphics
on nice walnut scalloped edged backboards.  These are laminated, washable and UV resistant.
Available in 9"X12" ($110)  10"X13" ($120) and 11"X14" ($130) sizes.  Pricing includes all graphics and set-up. 
see larger image here...

Elders - Riverside County Sheriff


Lake County Sheriff
9X11 I.D.  11X14 O.D.  $90

Bonner County Sheriff

see larger image here

Rogner - LASD
See larger image here...

OCSD - Rivera


see larger image here

see larger image here

Stirn Sheriff

Grand Traverse Sheriff
see larger image here

Rio Hondo Academy

Jaramillo / LASD

Garcia - LASD
See larger image here
Comments on the above piece...
Hello Bill, After attending Al's retirement luncheon, I have to tell you what a impact his shadowbox made on him and the people attending his luncheon.
Your workmanship is remarkable, and the finished product is truly going to be a family heirloom.  Thanks once again for meeting us on a Saturday and
for your patience putting this all together.  I gave the two framed pieces you made for us to his twin sons as a keepsake of their father's service to LASD.
Tina Herzog / LASD.

Pima County Sheriff

See our Oversize Badge Reproduction page here

Allan Garcia / LASD
See our custom collage page here

Custom Certificates - Can say anything needed. - Call us with your ideas! (800) 639-3726

Sally Ortiz - Lincoln
        County Sheriff
see larger version here...

Bulleri - Marin County Sheriff
see larger image here...

see larger image here

Fairfax County Sheriff
Click here for larger version

LVMPD - Sheriff Bill Young
see larger image here...

Rick Carr - SBSD
See larger image here...

OCSD Certificate
click image to enlarge

LVMPD - Lovich
see larger image here...


Actual certificate made for OCSD

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