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Emblems & Seals Section            Perpetual Plaque Section

      Recognition Section

El CAJON / Of The Month

5X7 & 8X10 acrylic photo holders. 11/2022

Dispatch/Communication Section

Perpetual Plaques Section

Interesting in that this presentation was AFTER the current ones honoring those
who were not initially included.  A smart way to recognize newly found past records.

Perpetual Plaque Section



Perpetual Plaque Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Acrylic Awards Section


Perpetual Plaque Section


Chino PD Section      Recognition Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Magnetic Org Chart Section           Fontana PD Section       Perpetual Plaque Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Perpetual Plaque Section


Oversize Badge/Patch Section       San Pablo PD Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Veterans Affairs Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Chino PD Section        Recognition Section

Veterans Affairs Section

Recognition Section

Recognition Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Perpetual Plaque Section        Larger Frame Image here

  State Trooper Section

Federal Reserve Section

                Veterans Affairs Section

rcso-perp-oty.jpg    rcso-perp-support.jpg
Sheriff's Section         Perpetual Plaque Section

Veterans Affairs Section

Federal Reserve Section   Perpetual Plaque Section

Of The Year Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Perpetual Plaque Section


Recognition Section      San Pablo PD Section

SWAT Section                Recognition Section

Medals Section


Novato PD - Employee of the Quarter

Covina PD Plaques from Badge Frame

Covina - Employee of the Quarter

This piece was particularly interesting in that it did not utilize the smaller plaques underneath.
8X10 frames housed current recipients and their engraved names are to be velcoed under the photos.

 Covina PD Perpetual Plaque - Jordon Corder and Scott
          Hanson awards from Badge Frame
Perpetual Plaques Section         

Redondo Beach PD - Les Guthrie Award from Badge Frame

Gresham PD
          Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame

College Station PD - Perpetual Plaques


          Engraved Plaques from Badge Frame

Stork Award
          Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
Dispatch Section

          Perpetual Plaaque for Badge #1 from Badge Frame

          Plaque from Badge Frame from Truckee PD - Officer of the

          Hondo EMT perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
University Section

          Pointe Middle School - Teacher of the Year Prepetual Plaque
          from Badge Frame 1/2017
South Pointe Middle School - Teacher of
                            the Year Prepetual Plaque from Badge Frame

Salt  Lake Fire Academy Perpetual Plaque presentation from Badge  Frame      Campbell
          PD Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
Academy Section   Fire Section                                                                                                                                                                

Galesburg PD Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame       Lake County Sheriff Perpetrual
              Plaque from Badge Frame
  Rio Hondo Fire Academy plaque from Badge Frame
  Academy Section    Fire Section

Eagle Scout
          Troop 139

   San Pablo
          PD - Ken Zink Award Prepetual Plaque from Badge Frame 11/2016
 San Pablo Section

EXOS Members Board Perpetual Plaque - 48 spaces / framed in black leather with silver accent fillet.
EXOS Members Board Prepetual Plaque from Badge Frane   EXOS Gym Members Board from Badge Frame
Fitness Section

Magnetic or stick-on gym perpetual plaques.  Totally customized with graphics and number of spaces of your choice.
Results Fitness - Perpetual Plaque

Epic Fitness - Magnetic members Perpetual Plaque from
              Badge Frame     EXOS - Hall of Frame Perpetual Plaque from Badge

Santa Monica Police Department / Perpetual Plaques with cut-out glossy oversize medals 10/2016
Santa Monica PD Line of Duty Medal Perpetual Plaque from
          Badge Frame Santa Monica PD - Medal of Courage Perpetual Plaque from
          Badge Frame Santa Monica PD - Medal of Valor Perpetual Plaque from
          Badge Frame
Santa Monica Lifesaving Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
          10-2016  Cut-out glossy medal from Badge Frame Santa Monica - Medal of Merit Perpetual Plaque from Badge

Irvine Police Department -
 Perpetual Plaque will with lettering from Badge Frame 9/2016
  Irvine PD Section     Lettering Section

Arcadia PD - Wall of Honor Prepetual Plaques from
              Badge Frame

Arcadis PD - Officer of the Year Perpetual Plaque
              from Badge Frame

Gresham PD - Valor Perpetual Plaque with laser engraved
          photos from Badge Frame 8/2016
Medals Section            Plaque Options Section

Gresgam PD - Traffic Safety Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame 8/2016     Arcadia PD - Civilian of the Year Perpetual Plaque from
          Badge Frame

Murrieta PD Distinguished Service PD presentation
              from Badge Frame

Murrieta PD Section

Scout Section

Pasadena PD SES Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
  SWAT Section

Indianapolis Airport Authority Police Department - K-9
          Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
K-9 Section                                  Recognition Section

Turner Memorial AME Church Perpetual Plaque from Badge

              perpetual plaque, badge frame Badge Frame, Perpetual Plaques, East Bay,
                        Dispatcher of the Year
K9 Section                     ;                                                                                                                           

Actual Station Photo / Special Thanks Tammy A. Zapotosky                                                            ;                               
Cypress PD - Officer of the Year Perpetual Plaque from
          Badge Frame  Santa
          Monica PD FBI Academy Plaque from Badge Frame
FBI Section

          Security Service - Guard on the Month / Year Perpetual Plaque
          from Badge Frame

          Scout Troop 329

          Scout Perpetual Plaque Eagle
          Scout Troop 373
Scouting Section

  Irwindale PD - Civilian of the Year - Perpetual Plaque
          from Badge Frame
Guard of the Month/Year  -  U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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                               ;                               ;                    Chino PD Section

Arroyo Grande Section

                                                     Arroyo Grande PD Section                                                                     Military Section here                                                                           


Chief's Section                                                          

Fontana PD Section

Fire Section here

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San Diego Co. Sheriff Museum Section here...

Ontario PD Section here

CoronaPD / Baker 2 Vegas Record Holders Perpetual Plaque
Special thanks... Laura Perry!
Baker 2 Vegas Section here       Perpetual Plaque Section here

K-9 Section



Scouting Section here                                       


SLIDE-IN C-Channels on a Perpetual Plaque

    El Segungo SWAT Perpetual Plaque


Baker 2 Vegas Section here

     K-9 Section here

Outstanding recognition presentation featuring 10 - 5X7 current recipient frames
surrounded by a outer larger profile frame.  Background is laminated and washable.


West Covina Chief's Perpetual Plaque 
Plaque with 5X7 current recipient photo and laser engraved plaque.    Chief's Section here


Acrylic Award Section here                         Sheriff Section here                       Recognition Section here    


Buena Park PD - Perpetual Plaques...



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Department of Veteran's Affairs PD
Employee Recognition Presentation.

Interesting project incorporating magnetic, laser engraved nameplates with square and round printed magnets that symbolize different levels of achievement
in various areas.

Backboard was magnetic, printed with custom graphics,
laminated, and framed in black leather with a silver
accent fillet.  11/2013

San Pablo PD.  Sergeants and above = 5" X 1".  Officers 5" X 5/8".
Knox County 20 space K-9 Perpetual Plaque Options... Click to enlarge.

Riverside Co. Sheriff
                Perputal Plaque
larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

San Diego Sheriff
Larger Image Here

larger image here
San Leandro Perpetual Plaques.
Officer/Civilian, Volunteer/Explorer, and Chief's Coin Recipient(s).

Larger image here

Larger image here

San Leandro Perpetual

MAGNETIC Perpetual Plaque!!! 92 Space.
Results Fitness - Perpetual Plaque
larger image here      See Our Magnetic Section here

        PD - 20+ Years
larger image here

Campbell PD - Perpetual Plaques
larger image here

Redwood Medals
larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

larger image here

Old Diminion - Student of the Month
larger image here

Menlo Park PD - Perpetual Plaques "Officer of the Year" & "Professional of the Year" with a 5" X 7" center frame for current recipient.
Melo Park Perpetual Plaques
larger image here

Chapparal Middle School - Perpetual Plaque
larger image here

Albany, CA - Officer of the Year - Perpetual Plaque
See larger image here

Ryan Stringer - Alhambra Shooting plaque 
larger image here

El Cerrito - 81051
        Prepetual Plaque

LEA Paintball Plaque
See larger image here

El Cerrito PD - MADD Perpetual Plaque

ECPD - Mobile Firld Force

Bart PD -
Bart PD Perpetual Plaque displaying names and dates of those with 20 years or more service.
Framed in mahogany shadowbox with gold fillet inside main frame and inner frame describing presentation.

El Cerrito - Officer of the Year

Marin County Sheriffs' Assoc.

Wayl;and PD - Perpetual Plaque
"Received the plaque today.  Came out great.  Thank you.
 Our fire department may be contacting you for one of their own." - Robert Irving / Chief / Wayland PD

Downey PD - Perpetual Plaques

Trinity - Perpetual Plaque
see larger image here

Downey PD - Perpetual Plaque

San Anselmo - Chief's Award


Downey PD - Officer of the Quarter

Some of our other designs (shown un-framed).  Click on image to enlarge.


Ontario PD - Officer

Riverside County
              Sheriff - Perpetual Plaque

OOTY - El Segundo PD

see larger image here

El Segundo -
              Distinguished Service

See larger image here

see larger image here

El Segundo PD

see larger image here

Bill and Sarah:
You are awesome! The Chief loves it, the Captains love it, I love it and the ranks are gonna love it too!
Thank you so much. 
Best Regards, Dana

Garden Grove -
              Perpetual Plaque Options

see actual size here...
The plaque set-up above can be framed or un-framed.  The nameplates can be gold with black letters or black with gold letters.
Nameplate size is 3/4" X 4".  Placeholders on backboard make aligning the name-plates easy, and visually show the completed product.
Name-plates can be taped on or screwed in.

Pro-Cut Intl.

Topanga - LAPD
              Perpetual Plaque
see actual size here / Pricing as shown $600.

Topanga Perpetual
See larger image here        See actual size here


Hey All.
Sometimes mistakes happen in spelling or other information and it is necessary to remove and replace one or more of your nameplates.
First you will need some solvent.  You WILL NOT be able to remove the nameplates without it.  You WILL destroy your backboard if you try.
We will send you some adhesive solvent if you need it.  You can also use "Goo Gone" that is available in most stores.
Follow these instructions EXACTLY.

Get a few paper towels handy to absorb solvent that runs.
Try to keep the solvent around the wrong plaque(s) only.  Don't freak out if it gets onto others, just try to keep that to minimum.
You will need a small flat-head screwdriver also.
The goal here is to get the plaque off without lifting or marring the backboard and lamination with it.

1). Take plaque off wall and lay flat on table.
2). Put something about 1/2" tall under the top so it tilts downward just a little.  This will let the solvent only run downward if it runs.
3). Squeeze a SMALL AMOUNT of the solvent so that it surrounds the wrong nameplate.
4). Removing the plaque will take a while to accomplish (about 10 min).
5). You will need to VERY GENTLY lift the plaque edge with the screwdriver to help let the solvent go under the wrong plaque.
6). GENTLY work your way around the edges while keeping the solvent present and dripping as needed
(but not running onto the others if possible).

7).  Just keep this up until the plaque releases.  Clean up all solvent and adhesive residue (with more solvent on a clean paper towel).
You can wipe this entire piece with the solvent. It will not hurt anything. Let us know if you have questions or problems.
Thanks,  Bill

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