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Scott - South Gate PD

    Fank Mena / Chino PD and South Gate PD retirement presentation from Badge Frame
Frank Mena has been involved with Badge Frame from early on.
He has always been a friend, supporter and has referred many co-workers to us.
He will be staying on to help with the Chino PD Museum after his retirement.
Thanks Frank, for all your help throughout the years! Congratulations on your retirement!
Chino PD Section      Police Shadowbox Section

Saldivar / South Gate PD Retirement presentation fomr Badge Frame

South Gate PD
          presentation from Badge Frame for Tony Pacheco
South Gate Section       Printed Backboards Section 

Pixer - South Gate
          PD Police Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes

South Gate
          Caricature - Signing Mat from Badge Frame
Signing Mat Section  Caricature Section

Garif - South Gate
          Lifetime Acheivement from Badge Frame  
Lifetime Achievement Section     Printed Backboard Section

Badge Frame, Org Chart,
          Magnetic charts      South Gate PD Recognition

  Badge Frame, South Gate PD

southgate police,
                    boundary map, badge frame
South Gate

south gate,motors division, badge frame, police
Motors Section

                                                                                                   Fire Section





Johns - LA County Sheriff DEA   
Recognition Section here


  Matthews - South Gate PD 
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Awakawa - SLI  South Gate Water District

Sullivan - South Gate PD
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SGPD - Motors Collage
Larger image here                                    See our Collage Section here

SGPD Org Chart -
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larger image here

Motore - Arrow

South Gate K-9
larger image here      K-9 Section here

larger image here      K-9 Section here

SGPD Boundary View
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Gonzales - South Gate - Lfetime Achievement
Larger image here

Greg Wells - SGPD Retirement Collages

  Steve Porter - South Gate PD and Murrieta PD
see larger image here...

Outstanding Recognition Plaque Designs...
Here's a new item at Badge Frame.  We now have the ability to produce high quality photos and graphics
on nice walnut scalloped edged backboards.  These are laminated, washable and UV resistant.
Available in 9"X12" ($110)  10.5"X13" ($120) and 12"X15" ($130) sizes.  Pricing includes all graphics and set-up. 

South Gate PD - Walnut Backboard - Recognition
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South Gate PD - Caricatures

South Gate PD -

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Chief Avila - SGPD
See larger image here

24" x 36" Sign Collage for South Gate PD Open-house.  8/20/2011



South Gate -
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same room as above in SGPD before Organizational Chart...

SGPD 1928 Motocycly
larger image here

South gate PD Archive

South Gate

South Gate PD Fundraiser Presentation

South Gate Coin option 1

Style #2
South Gate Coin Option 2

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