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The Pink Patch Project has taken off this year and only will increase in popularity.
Badge Frame is offering framing of these patches.  The framed presentations are turning out to be
mostly custom sizes and arrangements because different agencies have different
amounts of patches.  Below are some of the designs we have worked on.

The "graphic" versions are turning out to be  the most versatile with using
YOUR AGENCY'S actual patch (and maybe challenge coins) combined with the other agencies
being graphically represented.  These versions are also able to be sized down (from actual patch size)
if wall space if an issue. Badge Frame can be reached at (800) 639-3726 for the latest updates on this project.

Pink Patch Framing Project from Badge Frame  Pink Ribbon Framing Project
              from Badge Frame


University PD Section


San Pablo PD Section

 Oversize Patch and Badge Section

Pink Patch
Chief's Section    Podium Section

Pink Patch Presentation from Badge Frame

Pink Patch Project framed from
          Badge Frame (800) 639-3726 11-2016
See frame close-up here

Pink Patch Project - South Gate
Recognition Section

Single badge/patch layouts

Glossy Mahogany Frame with silver accent fillet...

Pink Patch Project L.A County
          Police Chief's Assoc. Presented to City of Hope . Famed by
          Badge Frame

Black Leather Frame with pink or blue suede mats and silver accent fillet. Can use with or without badge.

See more of our framing projects at our Baxter's Frame Works Section

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