Past Projects

Some of our "Fire Dept. /Past Projects" are shown below.
You can get ideas for your project by looking through the images.

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Chino Valley Fire - Santoyo Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame   Carlsbad Fire Department 38" glossy seal emblem from Badge Frame

L.A. County Fire Retirement Dispatch Shadowbox for   Chino Valley Fire - Tao Presentation from Badge Frame
Dispatch Section                                                                                                  

Hobbs County Fire Presentation from Badge Frame for Higgins     Fire Department Retirement Recognition from Badge Frame for Chino Valley Fire

Slide-in Door Sign from  Badge Frame for Janes / El Cerrito Fire
Door Sign Section

Fire Recognition plaques from Badge Frame for Carlsbad Fire Department
Recognition Section
Wrightman - Forrest Lake Fire Department presentation from Badge Frame    Cremins - LAFD Fire retirement presentation from Badge Frame

     Rialto FD Academy presentation from Badge Frame       GAcda / Cambria FD presentation from Badge Frame
Academy Section                                                                                                                           

       Chino Valley Fire Recognition Plaques framed from Badge Frame
Recognition Section

Mayor Yates - Chino  CFVD Apppreciation from Badge Frame   Chino Valley Fire - Ramirez RETIREMENT presentation from Badge Frame

Chino Valley Fire Recognition from Badge Frame
Recognition Section

Saly Lake Fire Academy Perpetual Plaque presentation from Badge Frame  Salt Lake Fire Academy podium emblem from Badge Frame
                 Academy Section      Perpetual Plaque Section                                              Podium Section                                                               

Santa Maria Fire Academy presentation from Badge Frame
  Fire Section
  Rio Hondo Fire Academy plaque from Badge Frame
  Academy Section        Perpetual Plaque Section         

El Camino Fire Academy Prestation from Badge Frame 12-2016
Academy Section

RTG Fire Seal from Badge Frame 11/2016
Emblems & Seals Section 

Norwood - Arcadia Fire Department Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame

Kansas State Fire Association Emblems from Badge Frame 10/2016
  Emblems Section

lANTHIER - cHINO vALLEY fIRE presentation from Badge Frame

Lanthier - CVFD Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame    Santa Maria Fire Department - Cole Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
  Recognition Section

  Sold Wood Fire Badge - Recognition plaque from Badge Frame

Soriano - Miami Dade and Seminole FD shadowbox from Badge Frame 8/2016presentation

Chino Valley Fire Station Sign from Badge Frame  Chino Velley Fire Staion Sign from Badge Frame  Chino Valley Fire Station Sign from Badge Frame
Sign Section      Bronze Plaques Section

rosario fire, badge frame 

Korszyk / LA County Fire Academy          Class 141 / Badge Frame Patch Collection
  Patch Collections Section        Academy Section

Bossier Fire Department Academy
          Presentation 3/2016

The Harrison Ford Plaque was a huge success!
Harrison was so impressed and appreciative…He said the plaque was awesome!

Recognition Plaque Section

South Gate Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section                                                                                                                                     

                                                                                                           Academy Section

Chino Valley Fire / Tower 3

Fire Section      Academy Section

Fire Section               Boundary View Section

                                                                                                              Academy Section

                   Recognition Section                Single Badge Section



Ontario Fire Department 30" Glossy "Welcome" badge for front counter area.
Ontario Fire Department
          - Front Counter - Oversized Badge from Badge Frame
Fire Section here                     Badge & Patch Reproductions here                  Actual Station Photo...

            Perpetual Plaque Section


Academy Section here

Academy Section here


Cabarrus Rescue Squad - North Carolina




Seals & Emblems Section

  Moscowitz /Mono County

  Seamon - Palm Beach County Fire Rescue 

  Picker -
                  Sturgis FD






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  Muller - San Mariono Fire Dept.

Ventura / Palm Springs Fire
larger image here

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              Valley Fire Dept. Recognition plaque 

Click to enlarge
Liske - LAFD 
Mooresville Fire -

larger image here

larger image here

Clinton FD
larger image here

Rooks - Mammoth
            Lakes FD
larger image here

L.A. Co. Fire - Axes
larger image here

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Frank Oglesby -
                  LAFD Detector Emblem
See our "Oversize Emblems Section" here

see larger image here

Talmage - Santa Ana Fire
larger imge here

Howard County Fire...
Howard County Fire
larger image here

See larger image here...

Shuttleworth - 4/2012
see larger image here

L.A. City Fire
See larger image here

Chino Valley Fire - Station Location Aerial
See larger image here...

LA-city-fire emblem
See larger image here         See before and afters of logo/emblem


Paquin - Santa Ana Fire

Click to enlarge..
Prescevic - LAFD  Castro - SAFD

Kelly Champion - Chevron Fire
See larger image here

El Cerrito Fire Patch

Kuwait Fire
See larger image here
15" X 21" Customized plaque for the 386th!.   Kick ass over there guys and gals!  Appreciate your service!

Fred Airth - Pomona / L.A. Co. Fire

 "Well, I cant tell you how excited Fred was.  Even though the box was beautiful, the glove display stole the show.
The entire Battalion also thought your folk's work was just fantastic".   Steve Bierbaum L.A Co. Fire

See larger image un-boxed      See larger image boxed

rodeo-hercules Fire Dept. 2012 Reserves
See larger image here...

Kernersville - Robinson
"Just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate the job that you guys did on the box.  It is definitely
more than what I was expecting.  No doubt about it, “show stopper”.  I know you said that it was one of a kind and
it definitely is!  Again, I can’t express how much I appreciate the job that was done.  This was something that you
guys put a lot of thought and effort into.  It shows how much of a PROFESSIONAL you and your company are.
You guys must take a lot PRIDE in what you do.  I will be using you in the future for other projects."
 Jason Robinson - Kernersville, NC

Clark - LAFD

Gary Boyles - Fire Chief
see larger image here

see larger image here

Santa Ana Fire Appreciation Presentation

"Promotion Plaque"  Can be given to recipient with news of promotion or at promotion celebration.
Any verbiage , rank or other customization can be used.  10.5X13  Fire/Police/Sheriff/Military etc.
Carlos Skibar - Chino Valley Fire
see larger image here...

OCFA - Brian Stephens / Irvine PD Presentation - Features resined axes with name graphics.  Click on image to enlarge...

Jeff Turner - Downey Fire Chief

Jim Owen - OCFA - E.O.W.
See larger image here    --  See close-up of axes here

San Rafael FD Plaque
"Plaque looks amazing. it is way better than anything that the classes before us did.
Thanks for getting it done in time. I plan on using you guys for years to come."

Cates - Cal Fire

Miller - Cal Fire CDF

   See larger image here

Bob Castillejo - LA Co. Fire
see larger image here...

See larger image here

see actual 20" piece quality here...

Lawrence FD
See larger image here          See our Oversize "Badges, Emblems and Patches" here...

Fire Squad Badge

SVFC Presentation
see larger image here...

Chief Burk
see larger image here

12.5" X 12.5" O.D. Style #10 $84 with plaque (pack and ship additional)

Cold Spring ; Tozzo

McKnight / L.A. County Fire
see larger image here


Gomez- Montclair & Hermosa Beach Fire
see larger image here...

Chris Barnes - Compton Fire

Barton - Crest Forest Fire
see larger image here

See larger Spiers image here...

Spiers / Collage
See larger image here


Ken Swearingen (then Pomona FD) was given this piece at his retirement ceremony. 
It featured his actual gloves holding a gold plaque describing his years of service, and an actual fire hose. 
A frame base was made that fit an acrylic box that kept everything safe. 

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