"C-channels" are being used on more & more of our presentations.  These can be magnetic, have adhesive
backs or be velcro attached.  They come in plastic and aluminum.  The plastic can be any number of
 assorted colors and come in standard height sizes and lengths.  Lengths can be trimmed as needed.
The aluminum come in black, silver and gold, and can not be trimmed

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SAN PABLO MAGNETIC ORG CHART  (click to enlarge)
san-pablo-org-chart.jpg   san-pablo-org-chart-2.jpg
Org Chart Section      San Pablo Section

Laser Engraved Plaques with Slide-in C-Channels

Fire Section        Magnetic Org Chart Section

Org Chart Section        Perpetual Plaque Section            Military Service Walls Section

san-clemente-org-names.jpg    san-clemente-org-chart.jpg
Org Chart Section

Org Chart Section


  Edge Options

Verticle C-Channel
Vertical C-Channels can have either a magnetic or an adhesive back.

Magnetic Organizational Chart for San Pablo PD 


B.A.R.T. Organizational Charts
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