Tons of stuff going into the new Fontana PD facility.  Will post pics of projects as we get them ready.
Thanks Josh Rice for all the organizational help on the open face projects!

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Chief's Section

Magnetic Org Chart Section       Of the Year Section              Perpetual Plaque Section

Printed, mounted, laminated, beveled edges with magnets on back.  8/2021
Fontana PD Section     Magnetic Org Chart Section

Fontana PD Reception
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

   Fontana PD Traffic
          Division Seal from Badge Frame
  Emblems & Seals Section
fontana pd, traffic facility
          sign   fontana pd, traffic sign
fontana pd traffic division   fontana pd, traffic sign
Custom Facility Signs Section

Open Face Section      Motors Section

Perpetual Plaque Section

Open Face Section

Open Faced Section here

Org Chart Section here      Larger Image here      X-tra large view of above graphic here



    Open Faced Section here              K-9 Section here

Fontana PD Section here      Open Faced Section here

Perpetual Plaque Section here            K-9 Section here

Another Badge Frame First! 3-D Backlighted Fontana PD 48" Badge.


Actual facility pics (click to enlarge)

Oversize Badge & Patch Section here Seals & Emblems Section here
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