These images are basically small versions of our "Emblems & Seals" section.   The sizing of your podium seal is important!
You should measure the face of your podium and subtract 2" on each side.  This will give you a custom fitted graphic that
looks like it was made for your podium (because it was).  Know also that we offer two front finish options....Satin and Gloss.

At the bottom of this page...Cool Podiums from Displays 2 Go!...

Click on images to enlarge...

Good representation of our satin & glossy acrylic front finishes.
Satin finishes are less expensive and are generally used for podium emblems and places where reflections may be a problem.
The glossy acrylic fronts have deeper, richer colors and are mostly used for wall applications.
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Emblems & Seals Section

Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Emblems & Seals Section       Temporary Mount Section

Emblems & Seals Section

   Photomount Section          Temporary Mount Section

University Section

campbell-pd-drone-emblem.jpg        chautauqua-hs-emblem.jpg

Sheriff's Section


Emblems & Seals Section

pechanga-emblems.jpg     santa-ana-homicide.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section

sbc-seal2.jpg    crc-warden.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section

grosse-isle-chief-seal.jpg    loudoun-seal.jpg    melbourne-seal.jpg
  Chief's Section      Sheriff's Section



Emblems & Seals Section

cedaregde-hs-emblem.jpg    chino-pd-crime-analysis-emblem.jpg
Emblems & Seals Section              Chino PD Section  

CDCR Section    Emblems & Seals Section   Oversize Badge & Patch Section

worthington-fire-podium-emblem.jpg   worthington-podium-emblem.jpg
           Fire Section                                                                                                                  




porterville-seal.jpg         enders-elementary-podium-logo.jpg


Upland PD - Battery Backlighted Podium
Lettering Section

LAWA Emblems with easles
LAWA Section

Designated Survivor / NetFlix Seal
Designated Survivor

Emblems and Seals Section     DOJ Section 

L.A. Impact Seal

Fire Section

    VA seal
    Fire Section                                                                                           Veteran's Affairs Section      

   Pink Patch
  Chief's Section        Pink Patch Section

Photomount Section

Dana Hall Scoold Emblem
"Other Stuff" Section

NTOA - Podium Emblem


  Ventura Fire Dept. Podium Emblem
             Podium Emblem Section                                                                         Fire Section     

Douglas County Sheriff - Podium Emblem fgrom Badge Frame   

Broger PD / Podium Emblem from Badge Frame  Nation Down Syndrome Podium Emblem from Badge Frame  Biola University PD Podium Emblem from Badge Frame

  GM & UAW Podium Emblems from Badge Frame
  Podium Emblems Section     
Hop Meadow Country Club Logo for Podium from Badge Frame

LACERA Podium Embelm from Badge Frame

 Alliance Podium Emblem
Wall Emblems Section

united States District and Bankruptcy Court Podium Seal from Badge Frame 9/2017    Saratoga HS Podium Emblem from Badge Frame

Sons of the American Revolution Podium Seals from Badge Frame

National Tactical Officers Podium Seal

Podium Seal for Leesburg PD Podium from Badeg Frame   Airman Podium Seal

Air Force Podium
  Air Force Section

Burbank PD Podium Seal from Badge Frame  Loudoun County Sheriff Seal from Badge
  Emblems & Seals Section

Gerdau Podium

Podium Badge
          from Badge Frame for West Covina PD - Lt. David Lee at podium     Berekley School Podium Seal from Badge Frame

PPI Podium Emblem   Casady School
          Podium Emblem

Beth El Chappel Podium Emblem from
          Badge Frame   Salt Lake Fire Academy
          podium emblem from Badge Frame
                                                                          Fire Section
Commonwealth's Attorney -
          County of Loudoun - Podium Seal from Badge Frame 10-2016  USDA Seals woth rope edging
          from Badge Frame
Emblems & Seals Section

  Church of Our Lord Podium Emblem fropm Badge Frame
              9/2016  Breeyessa School
 District Emblem from Badge

badge frame, emblem,
          eagle scout   South Pasadena Podium Emblem from Badge Frame   
Scout Section                            ;                                    ;                                    ;              

 badge frame, podium, emblems and seals   bronze, podium, badge frame, emblems and seals 
Emblems Seals Section

podium, emblem seals,
              badge frame  podium, badge frame
Emblems and Seals Section   

emblem, seal, podium, badge frame, georgetown   matadors podium, badge frame       
Emblems and Seals Section  

emblem, seals, georgetown, podium, badge frame  georgetown, emblem, seal,
              podium, badge frame
Emblems and Seals Section

Granada Matadors Podium Options from Badge Frame

Glendale Adventist Academy  Alfred State University Podium
          Emblem from Badge Frame

Harbour School Podium Emblem
 Photomount Section

San Louis Obispo - Districy
          Attorney Seal from Badge Frame  San Louis Obispo Large 36"
          Glossy Dimensional Emblem from Badge Frame
Podium Section    Emblems and Seals Section
Thank you, Bill and Shelley,
We love the new seals that you made for us!  I think they look great -- they added to the professional appearance of our office. - Dan / SLO DA
San Luis Obispo DA's Office - Wall
          Emblems from Badge Frame
San Luis Obispo DA - Podium &
          Wall Emblems from Badge Frame

  Upper San Gabriel Water
          District Podium Emblem from Badge Frame

Holland on the Hill - Netherlands
              Embassy Podium Emblem for Badge Frame  Soboba Foundation Podium Emblem from Badge Frame

      Rock Island Police Department
                  18" Podium Seal



Photomount Section
I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to you and your co-workers for a great product and customer service.
We love the badge that lives on our podium; it looks fantastic. We appreciate all you did to make it available for our important event.
Sincerely, Carmen L.

"Just a note of thanks for the sign. It's fantastic!
It's very professional and high quality, and the temporary mounting is wonderful (love the white marble edge, by the way).
Now we can use it anywhere. We are still thinking of places we can use the sign now that it's mobile.
The sign perfectly represents our agency/logo, too since it's photo based. 
The ordering process was very efficient, the staff pleasant, and really, I had just an outstanding experience.
I'll be sure to direct other mosquito and vector control agencies your way!"  DB / Contra Costa
  Signs Section    Sign Index
Other Logos Submitted.... Click to enlarge

"We got the seal today and it looks amazing! It is just the right touch for our new podium. Thanks again!"   Matt / Germany
 Emblems & Seals Section        Podium Seal Section


Emblems & Seals Section

                                   Initial Badge Frame Graphic                                               Actual seal design that they decided on...                     

The best way to envision the size of your podium emblem
is to photograph your
podium, E-mail us and we will send you
back a super-imposed graphic of youremblem "to scale" for sizing approval.

MERCED SEALS - TEXTURED (left)      ACTUAL (center)       NON-TEXTURED (right)   36" round



Emblems & Seals Section here

24" X 8" Podium Emblem 5/2015

CIF Traveling Podium emblems fitted with a "Podium Strap" that wraps around host's
podium in case of no screw or nail to hang from.  Click image to enlarge.
Podium Section here    Seals & Emblems Section here 

Emblems & Seals Section

Sheriff's Section                Emblems & Seals




Emblems& Seals Section here

          Podium Sign


Badge Frame / Podium Strap


click images to enlarge
West Covina 18"
          Podium Badge    

click to enlarge...
                          PD - Chief Seal

Click to small images to enlarge
Chevron 12" Podium
24" ESU Seal / Toms River PD  / NJ.
Toms River PD / New Jersey 

Chevron Seal
larger image here

18" Memorial Podium Seals / Click to Enlarge
Memorial Podium Seals 

University of Phoenix - Podium Emblem

badge/patch combo

Podium and Wall Plaques

Hanging your emblem or seal on a podium...
When installing your logo or seal reproduction on your podium, we offer two permanent options for you to choose from:
wire or z-bar.  We always recommend using z-bar (pictured below).  Please specify your preference when ordering.

Z-Bar / Permanent hardware is included in pricing.

If you are traveling with this item and using other facilities podiums, a permanent option will not work for you.  In these situations
your host may have restrictions for how you are to display your logo on the podium.  Most hospitality podiums will have a screw
or hanger protruding from the front for display purposes.
  When that is not the case, you can use the TEMPORARY PODIUM MOUNT
 system shown below. This is set up so that if there is a nail or screw you will use that with the attached wire hanging system.
If there is now screw or nail you can use the method below to hang your emblem temporarily.

Temporary Podium Mount $20.  Includes 8 extra temporary strips.

Pricing for Podium Emblems and seals...

Cool Podiums from Displays 2 Go!...
acrylic podiums
Acrylic Plexiglass & Lucite
metal lectern
Metal Aluminum or Steel
wood podiums
Solid Wood Hardwood &Veneer
economy podiums
Man Made Woods Melamine, Laminate & MDF
trade show podiums
Portable Counters & Podiums

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