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West Covina Section    Door signs Section

Chief's Section


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  Army Section



  Deskplate Section



Gold engraved front plate on black lacquer deskwedge,, 7/2019   Sherrod  Chicago PD

Morejon Deskplate

I just received it!  It is wonderful. My husband loves it! Thank you! M. Jakober

  Fish & Wildlife Section

Latrobe PD Chief Deskplate
Chief's Section

Ramirez Deskplate    
Deskplate Section

Tiso - Waterbury PD Deslkplate 

Deskplate - Bllack lacqure wedge with backpate

Rosewood Deskplate

Rosewood Desk Plate with laser
          engraved names from Badge Frame

Customized Business Cards with
          writable backside from Badge Frame

Jason Cloke - Chino PD
              - Desk Nameplate from Badge Frame
  Chino PD Section     Motors Section        

Roy Campos, Westminister PD Rosewood Desk
                        Platefrom Badge Frame

              frame, san bernadino county, linnell

We are calling these "Wall Name Boards".  They have a framed and laminated common backboard
that include graphics and titles.  On top of that, there are 8X2 slide-in holders that house the individual changeable
names with titles. These set-ups can be any size and hold any number slide-in spaces.

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Just wanted to let you know I got the box yesterday… I gave them to my people and they were blown away…
I just wanted to thank you for your attention to detail and the superior product that you produce.  A couple of the other guys were asking
how to get their own.     Thank you !!!!  Make my day, show them on your website as a sample !!!!  Bruce / WCSO

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Kitty Hawk - Wall Signs
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Balck Deskplate

Meadows Place PD / Business Cards / click to enlarge


Adrian Estrada Cards

Custom Business Cards

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