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MONETT PD / 10/2023
Oversize Badge & Patch Section          Lettering Section

Ethics Section

DHSPD Section    Sergeant Stuff Section

dhs-leadership.jpg    sergeants-sign.jpg
Desert Hot Springs Section      Signs Section      Sergeant Section      Larger Sergeant Sign Text

San Diego PD Section

Dispatch Section

Orange PD Section     Chief's Section

Dispatch / Communications Section

Veteran's Affairs Section

Ethics Section



Banner Section         LARFPA Section

Veterans Affairs PD Section

Photomount Section        Fire Section

Wall Lettering Section

  Veterans Affairs Section

Veterans Affairs Section    Door Signs Section

      Emblems and Seals Section

Signs Section

Torrington PD - Custom sign

San Bernardino County Probabtion / Tori Cloke
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Eureka Sign

Firing Range Signs
Firearms Shooting Range Sign for Torrance PD from Badge Frame Torrance Torrance PD Shooting Range Sign Torrance PD

     Emblems / Odd Shapes  

Pacifica PD Banner 

Large Wall Signs Section             Sheriffs Section

Fairfax County Sheriff Sign

Corridor Wall signs

Costa Mesa PD Mission and Values presentation from Badge Frame
    Mission/Vision/Values/Ethics Section

Cops Save Lives framed sign from Badge Frame

          Banner for above door
VAPD Section

          Graphics from Badge Frame
Flag Presentations

          Hills PD sign framed by Badge Frame

          Shooting Range Sign for Torrance PD from Badge Frame Torrance Torrance
          PD Shooting Range Sign Torrance PD

Kansa City Kansas Police
          Department Sign from Badge Frame

  San Leandro PD
    wall items from Badge Frame

Police Communications sign from Badge Frame framed in Black Leather
  Orange PD Section

Police Welcome Sign from Badge Frame
 for Manchester PD

West Covina PD Patch
          Sign from Badge Frame

Denville PD sign with dimensional Glossy items at the
          ends from Badge Frame
Dispatch Section     Wall Sign Section

Mount Olive PD - Glossy banners
          from Badge Frame
Badge & Patch Section

The SAE - Pomona - School Sign
          from Badge Frame

Chino Valley Fire Station Sign
          from Badge Frame  Chino Velley Fire Staion Sign from Badge Frame  Chino Valley Fire Station Sign from Badge Frame
Fire Section        Bronze Plaques Section

fontana pd, traffic facility
          sign   fontana pd, traffic sign
fontana pd traffic division   fontana pd, traffic sign
  Fontana PD Section

San Leandro Sign with raised
          glossy emblem. 3/2015 from Badge Frame
  San Leandro PD Section                           Emblems & Seals

Podium Section          Sign Index


Sign Index (different types)

Badge & Patch Combo Section

Photo Mount Section            Sheriff Section

Flushmount Section here

Palos Verde Estates PD Welcome Sign options for new lobby.  3/2015
Emblems and Seals Section here

Exterior / Weatherproof Outside Oversized badge sign.

  E.O.W. & Fallen Section


Academy Section here

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City of Mountain View "Chief's Conference Room Sign" options...
City of Mountain View
          - Chief's Conference Room Sign

Click on images to enlarge...
Buena Park PD Sign


Through These Halls" Proofs for Placerville PD...
click to enlarge...

San Leandro PD  E.O.W. Header Signage.
click image to enlarge

San Diego County Sheriff's Museum E.O.W. Header Signage.
click image to enlarge

Larger Image Here                 SPPD Section Here            Custom Signs Section Here

"Roll of a Sergeant"  Framed sign for Sergeant's Office
60X37  45X27  36X21  24X14
click to enlarge

Hood River County Sheriff's Office / Double sided hall sign proofs... click to enlarge
Sheriff's Section Here           Signage Section Here

Medal of Valor Sign options for SDPD Histoical Assoc.
Click on images to enlarge...

click to enlarge
San Diego PD - Medal For Valor
          header sign

OCSA - Class 203
larger image here       Sheriff Section here

Academy Class 202 Project...WOW.
Framed graphic with laminated satin finish front in chrome dimple frame with acrylic covering for expected class picture.
 A glossy resined shield graphic cutout of 14" wood sits on top of and extends out from the framed presentation.
Click on images to enlarge...


9.5x19 - click to enlarge

larger image here

larger image here

Pomona Police Department / Lobby Sign Options
Pomona PD - Lobby Sign

Chino PD - Museum Sign Project
larger image here

click to enlarge...
San Pablo - This is your

"Through These Halls..." / San Pablo PD

larger image here

Taylor - Riverside Missouri Sign
larger image here      See our "Fallen / E.O.W." section here  

11" X 19" Sponsor Signs for the San Diego Family Justice Center Alliance..
San Diego Family Justice Center Sign 

Florham Park PD - Sign

This is your badge - Colton PD
see larger image here...  Above presentation is $430.  Outside Dimensions Approx. 29" x 40".
"This is Your Badge" presentation above including design, print, framing with mat & fillet.

Topanga - Roll Call Room Sign

El Cerrito Police & Fire Conference Room Sign

Custom Sign for Glendora PD  9/2011  40" X 50"
Glendora PD - District Policing Map sign

LAPHS - Museum Sign and Badge Combo

San Diego Police Historical Assoc. Memorial Wall Sponsor sign
see larger image here

Health Net - Security Operations Sign

SDPD - Child Abuse Unit Sign

Torrance and El Cerrito Signs

Laguna Beach PD - Ethics Presentations

Orange PD - Custom Records Badge Sign

Cal Poly Pomona - Admissions Office Sign

Torrance Shooting Range Sign

Claremont and Torrance Signs...

24" X 64" framed $459 / un-framed $390.

Orange PD - Wall Sign

South Gate - Organizational
see larger image here

West Metro Fire

Chavez / badge and sign
see other images here

Elbert County Sheriff -

Palm Springs
33" x 60" O.D.    Palm Springs EOW Entryway Sign

Elbert County Sheriff
One of 11 different division signs.  Outer dimension 6" X 12"

12" X 24" / Elbert County Sheriff sign.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Museum Sign framed
as shown $162 complete / single sided for wall.

La Habra sign 
see actual quality of badge as printed on sign here...

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