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  Patch Collections Section

San Diego PD - Original Jail Key
  Printed Backboards Section   Archive Section

Hanten / San Diego PD Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox Section     Computer Plaques Section

Norton - SDPD

Adams / San Diego PD retirement from badge frame

San Diego PD Badge History from Badge Frame
Badge History Section

Everett / Sqan Diego PD Police              Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame   Pendleton - San Diego PD Retirement from Badge Frame 1/21018

Police Lifesaving Medal Presentation from Badge Frame for
          San Diego PD      Roman - San Diego PD
Medals Section

De Guzman - San Diego PD E.O.W.
          presentation from Badge Frame 8/2016  San Diego PD - E.O.W. DeGuzman
          presenation from Badge Frame 9-2016
Fallen / E.O.W. Section


DeGuzman / SPPD                 E.O.W. / Fallen Section

Cooley Jr. and Sr. / San Diego
Archive Section

                                                                                   Police Shadowbox Section

East San Diego Story here...                                                                                                      

Archive Section here


      Filley - San Diego PD
Police Shadowbox Section here       San Diego PD Section here

Mr. Baxter,
Just wanted to give you and your folks some feedback.
We presented Detective McDonald with his beautiful shadowbox at a gathering for him on July 3. In all the time I have known him,
I have never seen him speechless, but he was rendered speechless at the sight of the shadowbox as he entered the room where we
had it on display. His wife and adult children were also there, and  the whole family became quite emotional at the beautiful
 representation of a proud career. There was nothing but high praise and admiration for your beautiful work from all in attendance.
Thank you for helping to make the last day on the job of a good man memorable.
I look forward to bringing you more work.
Sincerely, JJ




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                  Willard - SDPD Pinarelli - San Diego PD San Diego PD Patch
Smith - SDPD
Norton - SDPD

Medal of Valor Sign options for SDPD Histoical Assoc.
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San Diego PD - This is
            your badge

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San Diego PD - Medal For Valor header sign
See Sign Section here 

James Collins - SDPD

Graphic for SDPD E.O.W. webpage  8/2011
SDPD - EOW Graphic

Henwood - SDPD
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