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Police Shadowbox Section      Santa Monica PD Section

Police Misc. Section

  San Leandro PD Section

Plaque Options Section    San Leandro PD Section


     Jim Tigner Recognition
Recognition Section

Schiavi - Newport Beach PD      Brewer - Joplin PD - E.O.W.
                              ;                                             E.O.W./Fallen Section      


Plaque Options Section

Roger Stewart / LAPD Retirement Presentation
LAPD Section                   Police Shadowbox Section

Roger Stewart - LAPD Motors Jacket
LAPD Section     Uniforms Section

Keyworth & Spenser - Newport Beach PD Motors

Do / La Habra Police Department retirement   
Recognition Section    La Habra PD Section 

 Archive Police Motors Presentation from Badge Frame
  Archive Section

    Pennington / Vernon PD E.O.W.
       Archive Section     E.O.W. / Fallen Section 

Borstrom - Pomona PD Motors
Pomona PD Section

Motors Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowbox for Weaver - Clovis
              PD with actual boot from Badge Frame

hanson - newport beach pd
          presentation from badge frame

Badge Frame - Jason
          Cloke - Chino PD - Motors Sergeant Presentation
Chino PD Section   \    Collage Section    Printed Backboard Section  

Meissner - Orange Police
          Department Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame 
  Orange PD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Jason Cloke - Chino PD - Desk Nameplate from Badge
    Deskplate Section   Chino PD Section

Walters - LAPD MotorCop
          presentation from Badge Frame
LAPD Section

South Gate Section

Johnsen - Fontana
          Unified Motors PD - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame
  University PD Section  Recognition Section

$65 / Personalized Slide-in Deskplate with Cardholder


Fontana PD Section     Open Face Section

Chino  PD  Section here               Open Faced Section here



 Polliard - Orange PD  Brent Taylor
 - Orange PD  Mark
          Hein -


Razey - La Habra PD
larger image here

SGPD - Motors Collage
Larger image here        South Gate Section here      See our Collage Section here

          - Cypress PD

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