Cool Past Projects 
Misc #2
Here's some great ideas for your upcoming projects.

Antique Civil War Pistol and other items.  9/2012
Cival War Antique Pistol
larger image here

Floater Frame

Santa Clothes

Walt Disney Signed "Opening Day - Give-Away" prints / opening day of Disneyland!!!
Definitely not give-aways today.  WOW.
Walt Disney Signed Pieces

Neat story behind this one.  Two brothers are drafted and the tear a $2 bill in half that
is to be joined again upon their safe returns.  One was sent to Vietnam and the other to Alaska. 
Needless to say, all is well.  Their sister decided to frame it 1/6/07. 
A computer generated plaque was made by scanning the dollar paper and adding graphics.

vietnam / Alaska Reunion

mask in acrylic box

ac delco drag racing

Dolphins with double acrylic

Halo Baseball Club

double acrylic

four tops

Melanie Taylor Kent / Columbus

papyrus framing

Gary Souza / Macys fireworks
Gary Souza / Macy's Fireworks show 2000

Harley Ties

Deckeled edge / watercolor

Marine Flag Shadowbox

Endeavor Yacht


Dreds and Braids

Kenya - Kikuyu Village

Bat Mitzvha invite

girl scout poster

motorcycle, the love machine

oriental silk

Matchbook Collection

Tapestry / Weaving

              Line Construction manual

Christening Gown Set

Harley Shadowbox

Imported Sword Set

Double framed display of a neat set
of swords from China.  Plaque & swords
floated off black suede with no glass.

Antique Maps of France
These pieces were raised, floated and
incorporated "burnt edges" to enhance their antique quality.

Here's something I bet you've never seen before !!!

A real true to life...


And how about this... A letter to the tooth fairy, and of course...the tooth.

96 pieces in this double framed design.

Satin black outer frame with a brushed
chrome frame inside.  

Copper Rubbings

2 in 1 oriental copper plate rubbings framed and raised off black suede.
No glass used for "touchy-feeley" appearance.


Dried flowers from a dance recital bouquet.
Photo was raised & floated and a spacer was utilized to not "smash" flowers.

The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper album raised off a backboard and held on with "Mighty Mounts".  These holders allow the item
to be held WITHOUT any adhesive that could
possibly cause damage.
click here to see mighty mounts close-up


Hair Net Collection

These were intentionally laid out to fit as a wall grouping with 3" in between all frames. 
All framed in Black Leather with varied mat styles to keep the presentation interesting.

Triple Stacked Frame

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