This page shows framed pieces we did for Charles.  We have since parted ways but so much work and
effort went into these pieces I thought it right to keep them out there.  We started framing for Charles in 1989.

Please do not call us to obtain art.  His website is listed below.  Go there.
Thanks and enjoy!  Bill Baxter / Owner / Baxter's Frame Works

BIBBS WEBSITE... The World Art .Com

masquerade #2

Reflection - Bibbs

African Wind Face - Bibbs

Obama Mama / Bibbs

The Change - Bibbs

Diversity - Charles Bibbs

Mystic 3 / Charles Bibbs

Bibbs - Bronze Lovers

Change with Obama - Bibbs

Bibbs plates framed in satin black shadowbox with gold trim.  Sides and backboard are black suede allowing all attention to
be drawn to the plates themselves.  Frame outer dimension = 23.58" square.

Charles Bibbs /Painted Plates
Available un-framed or framed in black & gold Shadowbox.

These are really nice. 
Large and vibrant!!!

See below for dimensions.

Call (800) 639-3726
for information.
Store Manager Jill Hofmann holding plate to shown relative size. (17.75" wide)

Charles Bibbs Plates
These plates are able to be hung with wire unframed.

Red Umbrella / Bibbs


Music Maker

My Sister's Keeper

Featherd Hat & Medicine Man

Bibbs - Winter
Winter framing as shown $450

"Rhythms of Color" -  Limited Edition Print $350 -  Framing as shown below $425
Bibbs - Rhythms of Color

Bibbs - Lilies
see larger image here

Yellow Umbrella

Day Dreamer / Embossed

Day Dreamer / Bibbs

Day Dreamer / Bibbs

Paint My Body

Music Maker 3

Music Maker 3

See close-up here
Triple framed in modern profiles.  Two metals and one leather.

In Living Color

Healing Grace

This is a project that Charles and I have put together.  It incorporates his latest limited edition
"Mother Earth" with one of our exclusive frames.  The design in the dress folds were made to echo
 the frame pattern.  Very interesting idea...The art actually matches the frame. 
This framing is ONLY offered through us and only 100 pieces will be produced. 
There are 3 different versions of framing (shown below).

Please contact Charles or us for additional info.

mother Earth #MEF-1
See larger pictures here... MEF1    MEF2      MEF3
mother earth #MEF-2

Mother Earth #MEF-3

Mother Earth

Brotherhood / Black Background

"Mama" Framed in 2.5" rustic copper with neutral silkscreen top mat, rustic fillet and red grass
cloth tweed fabric bottom mat.  Shipped with acrylic for safety.

Mama / Bibbs

Framing for this piece...$250 / Approx 20X28 O.D.

Long Leg Lady

Ornate gold frame with red suede accent liner, black suede top mat, ornate gold fillet black suede bottom.
Lady in Black 3 / Original

Yellow Umbrella - Original - Charles Bibbs


Bibbs Original

Inspiration / Hand Painted

Framed in classic ornate white and bronze stacked frame.
Also available on canvas. Call for details.
Bibbs / Reminisce #1

Bibbs / Reminisce #2

Long Leg Birds


Parasol Parade

Blue Diva

Long Legs / Bibbs

Ebony 7

Color Girls - Large

Gifted Hands

The Brave One

Framed in distressed rustic bronze with neutral silkscreen top mat, black wood fillet and accent bottom mat.
Moon Children

Framed in distressed rustic gold with tan silkscreen top mat, gold wood fillet and black bottom mat.
Color Girls

"Cherish the Word" - Framed 12 pieces for a NAACP event.
Stainless Frame / Black Tweed top mat / Red accent bottom.
bibbs-cherish the words


bibbs- in sync

bibbs - care givers
bibbs - care givers

bibbs - men of all seasons

Joy Luck Girl
Charles Bibbs - Joy Luck Girl

bibbs - enlightenment

bibbs - desert queens

DIVERSITY / 2001 / Available as of 5/05 $350 / Framing as shown $270.

bibbs - music maker

Framing as shown $210

These pieces framed for 2 shows with "Poncho" (Larry "Poncho" Brown)
All original pieces... 1 / 28 / 06 &  2/ 4 / 06

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