As of 8/24/2018 Badge Frame is no longer creating the "Electronic Shadowbox Presentations".
This page is being left active because I (Bill Baxter) think they are awesome.
Apparently no one else does.  Dos Boot.

Electronic Screen Shadowbox from Badge Frame  Shadowbox with electronic screen from Badge

Electronic Screen
          Shadowbox - Irvine PD - Mike Hallinan Presentation from Badge
  Irvine PD Section       Police Shadowbox Section       SEE VIDEO HERE

The Barnes presentation below featured both photo slide-shows and videos, some of which were from
the series "COPS" and actually had footage with him live on the beat.

New section. More to come including video of the presentations in action.

Mohave Electronic Screen Shadowbox from Badge Frame
"Other Stuff" Section

Byron Barnes LAPD P3, Touch Screen Police Shadowbox from
          Badge Frame 6/2016
Police Shadowbox Section      LAPD Section          Watch YOUTUBE VIDEO
Touch-screen Police
          Shadowbox font screen options for Byron Barnes - LAPD from
          Badge Frame
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