Tirrell Hayes (Detail)

 This page shows some of the detail that is included in the CHP Shadowboxes.
These concepts and ideas are the brainchild of CHP Officer Tirrell Hayes.
He is remarkable at coming up with ideas that make each person's presentation unique.

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CHP / LUCIO / 10-2023
The retirement party was fantastic. There was about 120 people there. Well attended.  Prior to unveiling the gift,
I gave Badge Frame a huge shout out.  I just want people to understand that Badge Frame makes our visions
 a true reality and without them we couldnít do any of this.
The gift was absolutely magnificent, a true 10 out of 10.  This one was really bold and dramatic.  Numerous comments and too many
to mention here on how the gift turned out. People were really amazed at the work the company does.
FYI - A lot of people commented on the overall project, but especially the section of Baker to Vegas
with the burning photo, fire, and smoke. That turned out fantastic!!!
  lucio-15-front.jpg     lucio-party.jpg

lucio-18.jpg  lucio-17.jpg  lucio-16.jpg

lucio-14.jpg  lucio-13.jpg  lucio-12.jpg

lucio-10.jpg  lucio-9.jpg

lucio-8.jpg     lucio-7.jpg     lucio-6.jpg

lucio-5.jpg   lucio-4.jpg

lucio-3.jpg     lucio-2.jpg


CHP / DANE / 9-2023

chp-detail-18-dane.jpg        chp-detail-18-dane-2.jpg
Absolutely magnificent!!!!  I donít think this one could not have turned out any better.
The 3-D design is fantastic and it draws you in closer to the picture because it deceives the eye.
It makes you take a deeper look.  Itís awesome.  Again, I canít think Badge Frame enough for taking my vision to the highest level possible.
 Iíll never use another company!!!! / Tirrell Hayes

 chp-detail-16.jpg    chp-detail-15.jpg    chp-detail-17.jpg

chp-detail-13.jpg  chp-detail-12.jpg

chp-detail-14.jpg    chp-detail-11.jpg

chp-detail-10.jpg    chp-detail-9.jpg

chp-detail-8.jpg   chp-detail-7.jpg

chp-detail-6.jpg    chp-detail-5.jpg

chp-detail-3.jpg   chp-detail-4.jpg

chp-detail-2.jpg     chp-detail-1.jpg

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