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"...just received the shadow box and I could not be happier, thank you so much
the work quality and presentation is A-1. I WILL recommend you to others at OPD who are close to retirement
thanks again for your patience with me. Take care."  Kevin Wiley
Wiley / Oakland PD Police Shadowbox from Badge Frame
Police Shadowboxes

Muller / Pope Detail / Philadelphia PD 
          Police Misc. Section                                                                Recognition Section

Granada Matadors Podium Options from Badge Frame
Podium Emblem Section

Karangalan - USAF
"The Shadow boxes made it safely to the workplace...I can't thank you guys enough.
This shadow box made my 20 yrs of service worth while. I feel so proud every time I look at it....
thanks for making my vision of the box come true."
Karangalan - USAF Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame
USAF Section     Air Related Section     Flag Box Section

Gustafson / Orange PD Chief Career Showcase Presentation from Badge Frame    Baldwin Park School District Patch from Badge Frame  3/2016
Chief's Section  Orange PD Section  Police Shadowbox Section                Oversize Badge & Patch Section                   

San Bernardino Law Enforcement Agencies Presentation with printed backboard
and actual badges.  Special thanks Doug Brimmer.
San Bernardino County - Law Enforcement Agencies Presentations with actual badges.  Designed by Badge Frame
Badge Collection Section      Printed Background Section

Santa Monica PD FBI Academy Plaque from Badge Frame       Rachel McIntire - DeKalb County State's Attorney's Office - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame
             FBI Section     Perpetual Plaque Section                         Recognition Section    Single Badge Section     

Valle / Pomona PD Explorer presentation from Badge Frame  Larry Bell - Glendora PD Jailor Presentation from Badge Frame
Pomona Section   Explorers Section                                        Recognition Section                   
Actual Station Photo / Special Thanks Tammy A. Zapotosky                                                                                              
Cypress PD - Officer of the Year Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame  Byron Woods / LASD Retirement Shadowbox from Badge Frame 4/2016
Perpetual Plaque Section                                                                        Sheriff's Section

Sprick / Border Patrol 
Border Patrol Section

San Bernardino County Sheriff's E.O.W. / Fallen layout / Background Options...
Printed Backgrounds with actual badges. 4/2016
San Bernardino County Sheriff / MacKay / E.O.W. presentation from Badge Frame - graphic background options
Sheriff's Section                           E.O.W. Section                    Printed Background Section

El Cerrito PD 10.5 X 13 Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame   
Recognition Section

White / Fairfax County Sheriff Presentation from Badge Frame     Leonard - Hawthorne PD
Sheriff Section

Alfred State University Podium Emblem from Badge Frame  South Pasadena PD - Shooting Medals Presentation from Badge Frame
Podium Section                                                                               Medals Section                   

Forman & K9 Ronin - West Covina PD - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame        Ontario PD - Tactical Dispatch Presentation from Badge Frame
Recognition Section    K-9 Section                                  Ontario PD Section    Dispatch Section                

Sanchez - Dona Ana Co. Sheriff - Retirement presentation from Badge Frame  Glendale Adventist Academy
Sheriff's Section                                                                          Podium Section

Santa Monica PD Badge Clock  Irvine PD - Sergeant's Clock from Badge Frame  Sergeant's Clock
Santa Monica PD Clocks - From Badge Frame Santa Monica PD Clocks from Badge Frame    Sheriff Badge Clock from Badge Frame
Clock Section

Johnsen - Fontana Unified Motors PD - Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame        Taylor - Federal Reserve PD - Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
Motors Section   University PD Section  Recognition Section       Federal Reserve PD Section   Police Shadowboxes

GSO /  Procurement / U.S. Embassy Santo Domingo
Diplomatic Security Service - Guard on the Month / Year Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
Perpetual Plaque Section

Lt. Beckman - Chino PD - Career Presentation from Badge Frame     Chief Engal - DVAPD - Framed Recognition Plaque from Badge Frame
      Chino PD Section   Police Shadowboxes                      Chief's Section  VAPD Section  Recognition Section

Orange County Sheriff's Academy Class #219  4/2016
Orange County Sheriff's Academy Class #219 presentation forn Badge Frame
Sheriff's Section   Academy Section

Sutton - Chino PD - SET Recognition from Badge Frame    Irvine Police Department - 50" Badge - Forensics Specialist
                               Chino PD   Recognition Section                                  Badge & Patch Reproductions   Irvine PD Section

Harbour School Podium Emblem     Mills / California State Parks / Retirement Presentation from Bacge Frame
                   Podium Sign Section       Photomount Section                                  State Parks Section  NEW SECTION

Richard Torres / Lancaster / E.O.W. presentation from Badge Frame  Fletcher / Newport Beach PD / K9 Presentation from Badge Frame
Fallen / E.O.W. Section         Flag Section                                                            K-9 Section                                          
Special thanks Corey Sianez & Sergio Lepe
  Frank Nunes / BPPD / SWAT Presentation from Badge Frame  Burciaga / BPPD / SWAT Presentation from Badge Frame
                           SWAT Section                   

E.O.W. / Fallen Section   Plaque Options Section

New Acrylic Awards...
New Acrylic Awards
Awards & Trophies Section

Custom Clock designs from Badge FramePolice Clock from Badge Frame
San Louis Obispo - Districy Attorney Seal from Badge Frame  San Louis Obispo Large 36" Glossy Dimensional Emblem from Badge Frame
Podium Section    Emblems and Seals Section
"...Thank you, Bill and Shelley,
We love the new seals that you made for us!  I think they look great -- they added to the professional appearance of our office."  - Dan / SLO DA

San Luis Obispo DA's Office - Wall Emblems from Badge Frame
San Luis Obispo DA - Podium & Wall Emblems from Badge Frame

Below... Combination of actual and graphic items. 2/2016                                                                                                  
   Sumner County EMS - Podium Logo from Badge Frame
Sheriff's Section   Printed Backboard Section  Correctional Section

Below... Combination of actual and graphic items. 3/2016
Stephenson -CHP Retirement Presentation from Badge Frame
"...we had a fantastic party on Saturday.  As soon as I get the photos, I will send them to you. Mark was
in total shock and couldn't believe it. Numerous people were viewing the box and taking photos of it and with it.
It was a special part of the night.  Thanks again for everything. -Tirrell

CHP Section    Printed Backboard Section

Upper San Gabriel Water District Podium Emblem from Badge Frame  Tennant - Metropolitan Police Service Presentation from Badge Frame
      Podium Emblems Section                                                                  Medals Presentation Section

Eagle Scouts - Troop 219 - Prepetual Plaque from Badge Frame  Ruiz - LAPD
                 Scouts Section                                                           LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

Bautista - Fontana mUNified School District PD - K-9 Presentation from Badge Frame  Pittsburg PD Mission Statement from Badge Frame
      K-9 Section                                                               Ethics - Missions - Visions - Values

San Leandro Sign with raised glossy emblem.  3/2015 from Badge Frame
  San Leandro PD Section               Signs             Emblems & Seals

Seals / Georgetown PD / Badge Frame Retirement Presentation  Union City PD - 36" Badge with backlight - 3/2016 from Badge Frame

  Fletcher & Jardo / Newport Beach PD
Chino PD Section   Recognition Section                                                                  K-9 Section                              

Thome - Montebello School PD - EOW   Irwindale PD - Civilian of the Year - Perpetual Plaque from Badge Frame
E.O.W. Section                                                                    Perpetual Plaques Section     

Terrance Thomas - CA Metropolitan PD 
Police Standard Frames Section                                   K-9 Section  Orange PD Section

Actual Scale of Justice presentation for McNicholas & McNicholas 3/2016.
Scales were cut in half by a machine shop and framed floated off black suede.  Special thanks Danielle Wells.
"We made the lobby!! The entire firm said it was gorgeous!"

McNicholas Law Firm - Scales of Justice from Badge Frame

Korszyk / LA County Fire Academy Class 141 / Badge Frame Patch Collection  Pomona Police Department m- Core Values from Badge Frame
Fire Section        Patch Collections Section        Academy Section                 Ethics  /Mission / Vision / Values

Hutchison - University of Irvine - Badge Frame Shadowbox  Grinch
University PD                                                                             "Other Stuff" Section

Chino Pd Archive Section from Badge Frame  Chino PD 1968          Uniform Inspection  Chino PD - Archive Section from Badge Frame
Archive Section      Chino PD Section

Glendora PD - Write-On Glass front  Bartolf / University of Delaware - Badge Frame Shadowbox
Write-On Glass Front Section                                                           University PD              
Danny Armas / West Covina PD / Certificates
Certificates Section      "Other Stuff" Section

30" X 20" presentation for Glendora PD                                                                           
Bullard - Glendora PD - First Female Officer Presentation from Badge Frame  Alaska State Shape cutout with laser from Badge Frame
                    Recognition Section                                                                  State Shapes Section 

Moore - San Leandro PD Traffic Division Acrylic Award from Badge Frame  White County Sheriff's Department Acrylic Award from Badge Frame
Awards & Trophies Section

Scales of Justice Acrylic Box with frame base for Badge Frame
Acrylic box Section
Soboba Foundation Podium Emblem from Badge Frame   Jack Benson Plaque for Badge Frame Shadowbox
                                                                         Plaque Options Section   Sheriff's Section

Holland on the Hill  - Netherlands Embassy Podium Emblem for Badge Frame  Larry Wilson - Los Angels County Sheriff - Career Showcase Shadowbox from Badge Frame
                   Podium Section                                                        Sheriff Section   Uniform Section

Special thanks Kenny McShane / ESPD S.W.A.T. for the great pics!
reply...Thanks Bill! I appreciate all the great work and detail you guys put into your products and you guys are someone we can trust as cops.
El Segundo S.W.A.T. Wall 2016

S.W.A.T. Section

                                                                                                WCSD Combo / Special thanks Ashley Batchelder
Myren / Morrow Count Sheriff presentation from Badge Frame  
Sheriff Section                  Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Bender - Long Beach PD Shadowbox from Badge Frame  Bazan - Monterey Park PD shadowbox from Badge Frame
Long Beach Section          Police Shadowboxes

Robert Ruiz / LAPD signing board to be framed after retirement party                                                                                   
Ruiz Signing Board for retirement party  Robert Vevarez / U.S. Navy Flag Box from Badge Frame
Signing Mat Section   LAPD Section                                      Flag Box Section   Navy Section     

ODA - Alhambra PD  Hall - East Bay
                                                                                                               Single Badge Displays

Stockton Unified School District - Organizational Chart from Badge Frame  Prior / Long Beach PD
          Organizational Chart Section   University PD                  Long Beach PD Section   Police Shadowboxes

Worral / BPPD SWAT
SWAT Section   Open Face Section

"Hey Bill, I just want you to know the plaque looks amazing. Thanks so much".  - Colby
 Bossier Fire Department Academy Presentation 3/2016
  Fire Section    Academy Section 

Gappay - Fremont PD 
K-9 Section                                                        "Other Stuff Section"            

Chief Jones - Fontana PD - Retirement Badge Collection from Badge Frame   Los Banos PD - 30" Police Seal Emblem from Badge Frame
Chief's Section       Badge Collection Section          Emblems & Seals

Write-On glass surface / Ontario Air Support / Operations and Hazards
Ontario Air Support - Hazard Operations Write-On Board Graphic
Ontario PD Section    Air Related Section     Dry Erase     Glass Write-On Section

  Stewart / Pro Motocross / Signed Jersey
"Other Stuff Section"     "Uniforms"

Navy Section        Uniform Section

We are calling these "Wall Name Boards".  They have a framed and laminated common backboard
that include graphics and titles.  On top of that, there are 8X2 slide-in holders that house the individual changeable
names with titles. These set-ups can be any size and hold any number slide-in spaces.

Deskplates & Wall Name Boards Section

Hernandez - LAPD - Big City Motor Cop from Badge Frame   Simpsonville PD Glossy 21" Patch Graphic
LAPD Section   Police Shadowbox Section

RTG - Oversize 36" Badge  Ontario PD - Badge History from Badge Frame
Oversize Badge & Patch Section    Fire Section    Ontario PD Section   Badge History Collection Section   Archive Section

Thanks Jim Birrell with RTG (Regional Training Group) for a great project!

Fire Section              Recognition Section

Chumash Casino / Resort PD Combo from Badge Frame
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Ritzer - Carlsbad PD  L.A. International Airport Police - New Flag Design
Police Standard Frames Section        L.A. Airport PD Section

  University of California - San Francisco - Chief's Seal
Chief's Section                   Emblems & Seals Section                 University PD Section

    Rock Island Police Department 18" Podium Seal
Podium Section

Morin - Department of Veterans Affairs PD    Aguirre - LAPD
    DVAPD Section       Recognition Section                               LAPD Section     Police Shadowbox Section

San Bernardino County Sheriff K-9 JoJo E.O.W. 1/6/16    -    Handler Detective Brad Phillips. 
  K-9 JoJo - San Bernardino County Sheriff
                      K-9 Section                 Sheriff's Section

Outstanding presentation for Jim Tigner (La Habra PD) and Kate Adams (Sacramento Co. Sheriff).
Presentation features 2 glossy dimensional emblems and coins (front and back).
 LAPD Leadership Plaque from Badge Frame LAPD Leadership Program Presentation 3/2016
LAPD Section

  Lee Hall - Fairfax Fire - Employee of ther Year Walnut Plaque
LAPD Section     Police Shadowbox Section                  Recognition Section     Fire Section


Cooley Jr. and Sr.  / San Diego PD   
San Diego PD           Archive Section                                            Deskplate Section   
Eagle Scout Troop 329

Eagle Scout Perpetual Plaque Eagle Scout Troop 373
Scouting Section      Perpetual Plaque Section

Mayman - Riverside County Sheriff  Featherstone - City of Los Angeles
        Sheriff Section                                                        Recognition Section    LAWA Section

  Estrada - LAPD

Police Shadowbox Section

Santa Monica PD - Badge History Presentation with back-lighted center badge, scalloped edge chief seal,
9 oversize glossy badges, blue gradient laminated background with graphics, black satin frame with silver fillet.
Oversize Badge & Patch Section

Shelley, Bill, T.J. and all the fine folks at Badge Frame,
THANK YOU! Both of my shadow boxes are incredible, especially the box highlighting
my career with the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office. The presentation displays on your website
are fantastic, but, you can not appreciate them until you see your individual presentations
for first time. The matting, framing,plaque and layout were perfect. You and the fine folks a
Badge Frame were able to capture my vision and incorporate my 33 years of service in law enforcement
into a visual lasting memory. One that I am extremely proud of and can passed on to future generations.
 Thanks again, Jerry

DOJ Section      Embossed Section

Flag Case Section

Sheriff's Section   Printed Background Section   Open Faced Section         Police Standard Frames       

                                Podium Section                          Chiefs Section    Ontario PD Section   Police Shadowbox Section          

          Emblems & Seals Section     University PD Section                              Police Shadowboxes Section                 
My Father passed away last night on 1/27/2016 and I can not Thank you enough for making
 such a beautiful shadow box for him several years ago. I presented it to him thanking him for
 his service to our Great Country. I am so thankful to Badge Frame for leaving the pictures of
him and I on your website for several years now. From time to time I often go to your website
and look at the pictures of him and I the night I presented it to him, which I will never forget.
We often refer to those who served in WW II as the "Greatest Generation. Again Thank You for
the Honoring my Father on your website, please leave it up as long as you can.
 Thank you from the son of Louis Bianco WWII Army, Louis Bianco Jr.
(retired police Lieutenant) Florham Park, New Jersey

Thanks Louis Jr. for your update and touching note. Myself and the thousands that visit this site wish you the
best and appreciate your father's service. Badge Frame is honored to have been a part of your journey.
-Bill Baxter / Owner / Badge Frame Inc.
E.O.W. / Fallen Section          Army Section         Florham Park PD Section

Sheriff's Section      Fallen / E.O.W. Section

Recognition Section    Railroad Section                                                 Deskplate Section                                 

                                                                Actual Metal Street Signs / procured by Vernon Police Chief
Police Shadowboxes                                                Printed Background Section                        

      Certificate Section                                            Recognition Section      Photo Collage Section             

               Perpetual Plaque Section                                                      K-9 Section  Recognition Section

Perpetual Plaque Section   Chino PD Section

South Gate Section                                                    Fire Section          Sheriff's Section                  
Police Shadowboxes                                                              Sheriff's Section

We received our plaque today and everyone was extremely pleased! I cannot thank y'all enough
for your help and professionalism. If there is any place I can write a review, please send
me the link. Forever grateful...BCAPS Class 234 -Daine
Thanks Diane !!!  Glad you liked!  You just shared with 30,000 viewers annually!
Academy Section

           Police Shadowboxes     Orange PD                                LAPD Section   Medals Section                  

LAPD Section       Sheriff's Section     U.S. Marshals Section

                          Sheriff's Section                                                  LAPD Section      Promotion Section

Police Misc. Projects Section                                                       Sheriff's Section

  U.S. Marshal Section                                                       DOJ Section

Joint Collaboration with Cindy Quade / Graphic Designer /Team Lead / AIR-4.11 Support
Versions show 60" X 40" magnetic version with new laser cut employee "panels" and another version with
C-Channels that will allow the printed cards to slide-in to the holders. 1/2016   Click on images to enlarge.
                  with movable panels                                                                 with C-Channels                    

Magnetic Org Charts Section

       SWAT Section                                              University PD Section   Org Chart Section

Recognition Section     CHP / State Trooper Section      Police Standard Frames Section


Police Shadowboxes

Sheriff's Section

Special thanks - Tom Frayeh who worked his butt off getting these images.  Salute. Great collection!

Chief's Section    Archive Section

"Other Stuff" Section

Cathedral City's Org Chart with Captain Earl Moss...

Earl has been updating and re-organizing their three org charts since April of 2013.
This magnetic chart incorporates magnetic C-Channels with slide-in names and positions.
Thanks for a great photo Captain!          "We are very happy with our boards!!"  EM

larger image here

            Seals & Emblems       Chief's Section                  FBI Section    Flags Section

Police Shadowbox Section Here                                  Emblems and Seals Section here      
I received my father's shadow box
on Monday. When I opened it I could not
 believe what I saw. This is the most
professional, squared away shadow box I
have ever seen (I have seen dozens).
Your attention to detail and quality
is unparalleled. He will absolutely love
this gift to memorialize his service
moving into retirement.
 Thank you for putting up with my
 picky requirements during the process,
you were an ease to work with.
I will definitely recommend Badge Frame
to my colleagues, but I have a feeling
they'll be asking me where I got this
done when they see it. You guys are
the best! Thanks again, Dean Janowski

                                                                              Police Shadowbox Section 

COPS WEST 2014 / Bill & T.J.
Thanks to everyone who came out.  A great show at the Long Beach Convention Center.

We debuted our audio and video presentations with great success.

Our next show will be the Cal Chief's Show
in Riverside , CA.  Feb. 22-26 at the
Riverside Convention Center.

Then badge Frame will be at the
FBI NAA California Chapter Show
Sep. 1-4 2015 at the
Manhattan Beach Marriott

Police Shadowboxes         Uniform Section

Other Stuff Section here...


Police Shadowboxes                                           Badge & Patch Reproductions                         

Organizational Chart Section here                               Other Stuff Section here

Sign Section here

Perpetual Plaque Section here

Deskplate Section here

12" X 4" Slide-in  Door Signs
Door Sign Section here

West Covina PD
Graphic representation of the medals.
This could be printed in poster form
and offered at the facility. Click to enlarge.

Medals Section here

NEW "OUR" BADGE" OPTION.  Thanks Eddie Ruiz / Burbank PD

This Is Your/Our Badge section here

Fallen / E.O.W. Section here         Recognition Section here

Recognition Section here Chino PD Section here


San Diego PD Section here  Archive Section here                      Emblems & Seals here

Fire Section here Police Shadowboxes Section here Irvine PD Section here

Backlight Section

Magnetic Section Here

Click on images to enlarge...

Collage Section here Chief's Section here

click on images to enlarge...
Long & Niko                                - Hemet PD 
K-9 Section here                                                  Sheriff's Section here
  Colton PD - DAX - K9
"Other Stuff" Section here K-9 Section here    Recognition Section here


Mr. Baxter,
Just wanted to give you and your folks some feedback. We presented Detective McDonald with his beautiful
shadowbox at a gathering for him on July 3. In all the time I have known him, I have never seen him speechless,
but he was rendered speechless at the sight of the shadowbox as he entered the room where we had it on display.
His wife and adult children were also there, and the whole family became quite emotional at the beautiful
representation of a proud career. There was nothing but high praise and admiration for your beautiful work from
all in attendance.  Thank you for helping to make the last day on the job of a good man memorable.
I look forward to bringing you more work.
Sincerely, JJ

Click images to enlarge...

Magnetic Section here       Dry Erase Section here     Vehicle Maintenance Section here

Actual Brea PD facility photo of board in action.
Note magnetic engraved plates are moved from bottom to top when vehicles are being used.

The plaque looked amazing and you could tell by the expression on the Assistant Chief's
face when we presented it to him that it was something special."

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